List of Missions:

  • M1: Character Taunts (Always Active) : Most TF2 classes have a taunt for each weapon, so give us one to three taunts for this mission!
As you know, each class has a set of taunts, often a pysical or verbal gestures, used to challenge or insult enemies. You know the requirements, now GO SHOW THE ENEMY THAT THEY ARE WEAK BABIES!
  • M2: Kill four members of the opposing team (Completed: You can only finish old M2 rps at this point)
  • M3 - Part One: Capture the points (Completed). M3 - Part Two: Kill or defend the civilian (Active)

List of Mini Missions (Always Active. Feel free to make these threads at any time!)

  • Team Scramble: A list of members are scrambled and crack rp threads are made to interact with new enemies and new allies.
  • Nemesis: A one vs one fight between two members. It can be crack or canon.
  • Spray: If your character had a spray what would it be of, and where do they spray it?

Class Tasks:

Class tasks are mini missions that focus around one or two classes. Currently we’ve only had one class task for the medic. Medics had to perform checkups on all their teammates before heading off to the Dustbowl.

List of Memes/Batons (Incomplete):


  • 10 facts/Offduty
  • 20 tasks
  • Draw a scene from a favorite text or Tegaki RP
  • A day in the life of your character.
  • Character's room/belongings.
  • Character loadout
  • Ubered
  • Battleworn
  • Clothes/Uniform swap
  • Afterwar


  • Superhero
  • Pinup
  • Genderbend
  • Class Swap
  • Steampunk
  • Hipster
  • Windwaker style

Art-Deco Dress UpEdit

 (Art-Deco Dress Up)
  • Kai
  • Johnny
  • Ardette
  • Hectate
  • Bree
  • Phoebe
  • Andy
  • Ashley
  • Lloyd
  • Dorothy
  • David
  • Asher
  • Renard
  • Eberhardt
  • Callahan