• Player: Lime (LimeInDaCoconut)
  • Name: Bree V. Robbins
  • Nicknames: Brother calls just calls him LilBro or BreeCheese
  • Themesong/Playlist:
  • Gender: Male (Sex: Female)
  • Sexuality: ???
  • Age: 28
  • Nationality: Born and raised in the US of A
  • Build: small, slight musle but not significant. Hes working on it
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Weight: 130lbs

  • Team: Blu
  • Job Class: Pyro
  • Current Load-Out:
--- Standard Flamethrower
--- Detonator
--- Postal Pummeler
  • Parents: Yes. He wont talk about them but if you were intent on knowing you could call up his brother
  • Siblings: Older Brother Rodger (age 36)
  • Offspring: no.


Brash and impulsive. Can be insulted easy when it comes to masculinity.

Bree is very loud, which is a good thing when hes in a mask because you can hear him unlike when he speaks in a regular tone. His mask stays on most of the time as he is rather fond of its face but will take it off for various reasons, being too hot, eating...

Doesnt like being tricked so has a natural dislike for enemy spies. He also will pick on blue spies more than other members when spy checking unless you are Asher. He will avoid the leader when he can.


Bree grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhereland as he refers to it. He doesnt talk about it at all and will avoid the subject. His brother Rodger moved away at the age of 16 taking Bree with him and helped him 'become a man' or boy rather. Roger teases him about being a boy and not a man.

They lived together with a pet pig while Bree tired to find work. The longest job he held was a mailman but was fired. Bree joined blue after being out of work for a while. It was perfect but he had to leave his pet pig with Rodger for fear of him ending up as bacon.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit


  • let us find out shall we?


  • let us find out shall we?



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