Callahan bio
  • Name: Langley Callahan
  • Meaning:
    Langley: Old English/Old Norse 'lang' meaning 'long'.
    Callahan: from Old Irish 'Ceallach', possibly 'bright-headed' or 'war, strife'.
  • Nicknames: Irish Giant, Lanky, Cally, Stretch 
  • Gender: Male
  • Sexuality: Meh
  • Age: 37
  • Nationality: Irish
  • Build: Jack Skellington with a triangle head.
  • Height: 197 cm / 6'5 feet
  • Weight: Ethiopean child.

  • Team: Red
  • Job Class: Medic
  • Current Load-Out: Medigun and standard Syringe Gun w/ tranquilizers. No melee weapon.

  • Parents: A foster-father (deceased) and biological parents (disappointed).
  • Siblings: A sister who loves him very much. The exact sentiment is not reciprocated.


An arsehole.


A farmboy in County Monaghan. An accomplished heart surgeon willfully turned back-alley doctor in Dublin. A hobo in America. An apathetic, bitchy, and mildly useless medic at RED.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit


  • Perceptive.
  • Not easily shocked.
  • Fast and endurant.
  • Quick learner.


  • Zero people skills (has them, ignores them).
  • Might often have valid points, but they are (rightfully) ignored 'cos he's a mouthy prick.
  • Severely insomniac.
  • BLAH BLAH BLAH stop talking
  • EAT SOMETHING oh god



  • Ardette Bombaerts - Interacting with her is like chewing on broken glass.
  • Clark Ballard - His boss, apparently.
  • Eberhardt - Scowly fatarse.
  • Gladys - Attention-needy little meirdreach. Reminds him of home.
  • Harvey O'Hannigan - Harmless bit of a ladhb. Offensively polite. Constant source of reluctant worry.
  • Hectate Durand - Clearly senile oinseach who dresses like a nineteenth century gigolo.
  • Hercules Hall - Estimated to be as dangerous as a particularly woolen sweater. No idea what the ponce thinks he's doing with RED.
  • Johnny Doe - Finding a way to make this twat shut up and leave quickly is right up there with finding a cure for fuckin' AIDs. 
  • Parvati Bhatlacharya - Foolish woman's going to get herself into trouble one day.
  • Riley Ashford - These annoying, suicidal brats are a dime a dozen, except this one has the gall of being British as well as superbly obnoxious.
  • Zach Tailor - Has trouble with his priorities and shuttin' his gob. Needs to find better ways to entertain himself.
  • Zachary Creedon - About as big and wide as Satan's doorframe and suspected to be just as intelligent.


  • Same sort of assholes like his team, just with a different colour signature. Who cares.