Christian Bio
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  • Name:

Christian Bangalter

  • Meaning:
  • Nicknames:

Beepyro, little guy/buddy, that whiny Pyro with the spacesuit

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  • Current Load-Out:

Primary: Flamethrower

Secondary: Pesticide gas

Melee: Cattle prod

  • Parents:

Jérome Bangalter (deceased, BLU Spy), Candide Arceneau

  • Siblings:

Sophie Bangalter, Agathe Bangalter

  • Offspring:

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Reserved, shy and socially awkward. He's very methodical and likes music most of all. He's very interested in unusual instruments and styles, such as playing the Theremin or the Synthetizer. While being quite fluent in English, he stutters while talking, especially if he is feeling stressed or uncomfortable. He does not suffer from this problem when speaking French, strangely enough.


Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

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  • RED
-REDS in general: TERRIFYING
-Gladys: Christian is confused about her. And intrigued.
-Harvey: Seems a bit irresponsible, but otherwise a pretty nice, harmless guy. Is one of Lloyd's pals, so okay in his book.


-Donatella (Heavy): GODDESS OF DEATH AND BEAUTY. Still can't believe he got the nerve to send her flowers. Shes gone now, tough. *sigh*
-Glad (Soldier): REDs shouldn't be allowed to be this nice. Her cheerfulness and acceptance toward her disability (deafness) was very compelling.
-Jenner (Sniper): strangely friendly but also kinda creepy dude aaah
  • BLU
-Andy: an obviously friendly fellow but very hyper. He's a good bro for Lloyd tough so he would trust the guy anytime. Good taste in music, too.
-Asher: Christian is very confused about his boss. He can't help thinking of him a bit like a father figure due to the similarities with his deceased dad, but that is of course really, really stupid. He just wishes he could make him proud somehow but he's kinda resigned to fail and be a utter disappointment in his eyes.
-Courtney: makes him want to literally disappear into the floor so she wouldn't see his lame, ugly, awkward self.
-David: quiet, reserved guy. Likes him. Totally the kind of person you can just stand with in companionable silence. He is still very observant too, Christian is very touched by the awesome Secret Santa gift he gave him.
-Green: super laid-back Pybro. Seems very in peace with his own scars. Christian really wishes he could be this cool and in peace with himself. Likes him.
-Lloyd: best friend. (if not "only friend") Only person he opens up to. He'll try his best to put on a brave face for him, and help him overcome his own issues.
-Matthew: Doesn't know him much but respects the guy. Seems also very cool-headed person.


-Bernadette Marcotte (Heavy): an opera-singing, French-Canadian "little cousin", hulking beauty. He'll miss her. *sigh*
-Jonathan Pie (Medic): Had the utmost trust in his professional expertise.