• Player: QQ
  • Name: Johnny C. Doe
  • Meaning: You aren't going to be getting a straight answer from this guy.
  • Nicknames: Nutjob, Fluffy
  • Themesong/Playlist
  • Gender: Male(?)
  • Sexuality: Yes
  • Age: 25(?)
  • Nationality: Haw yea right.
  • Build: Pretty thin.
  • Height: 6'1 (Are those heels??)

  • Team: RED
  • Job Class: Spy
  • Current Load-Out:
L'Etranger (Custom)
Eternal Reward (Gold Plated)
Dead Ringer
Sapper (Spray Painted Gold)
Disguise Kit (Gold Plated)
  • Parents: Yea, had some.
  • Siblings: You know, everyone's technically related.
  • Offspring: You can't prove nothing.


Sadistic, flashy bastard. Or is that another lie?

Whether his personality is all fake or only just a little fake, Johnny is not one for direct combat, both in in battle and social situations, preferring surprise attacks and subterfuge. One of his favorite techniques is distracting his opponent so that they don't think about what he's actually doing, or more importantly, why.

Johnny is all about control and manipulation, and rarely lets a situation get away from him for long. If it does, he can become quite agitated.


He'll tell you anything you want to know. Seriously. Ask him. You'll be entertained by a wildly new and inventive story each time. Is there a grain of truth to any of them? Well, it's cute that you'd think so.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit


  • Disguising
  • Intel Gathering
  • Trolling


  • Being a Team Player
  • Common Decency
  • Strength - literally. Not winning any arm wrestling matches in this lifetime.



Clark - Why the hell is a medic leading this team??
Ardette - One of the few people Johnny has shown open contempt for.
Gladys - Johnny has a crush on her, if you believe what he says.
Hank - Johnny enjoys this man's sense of humor (i.e. complete lack thereof)
Hectate - This spy... he's alright.
Kai - BFF, AKA Johnny's new favorite target.


Asher - See, yes. The guy who knows what the hell's going on, directing everyone? That makes sense


  • He Likes taking pictures. Johnny says it's for 'memories', but a little photographic blackmail never hurt either.
  • Though everyone a fair target, Johnny tries to get along with ally medics. No sense in angering them who stitch you up.