Player: Lunajile

Name: Lei, Lo Mo

Nicknames: "Old man" "Red Commie Bastard"

Meaning: F*** your mother.

Gender: Male

Status: Active

Sexuality: Straight

Age: 67

Nationality: Chinese

Build: Short, but stocky

Height: 5'1

Weight: 135lbs

Team: Reliable Excavation Demolition

Job Class: Soldier

Parents: Died a long time ago. The man is 66 years old, for crying out loud.

Siblings: Only child

Theme Song: Reel Big Fish - Another F.U Song


Lei hates pretty much everything and everyone. He's seen and lived through more than what most of these youngin's could only dream about and he doesn't have time for their bullshit. Not one for conversation, Lei mostly responds with aggitated grunts unless you really piss him off, then he just shouts at you until you go away. That being said, there are a few people that Lei has calm, pleasent conversations with. Usually medics, and not just because his boss is a medic, but because he feels they are the most important unit in the field. Except Aberdeen. Goddamn, that guy is useless.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Lei's short, usually hunched over and bow-legged. He's got a bit of a pot belly, but he's pretty solidly built for a crazy old man. As one can imagine, his face is a map of wrinkles and saggy skin, and he's got a large nose and a permanent scowl. Hidden under his helmet is his bald spot, but he poorly hides it with a combover. What hair he has left is peppered with white.


Lei has experienced far too much to be filled into a tiny box. He may talk about it, if pressed, but he doesn't think anything he's done is that spectacular. He was a good soldier, and still is. That's all that matters.


  • Experienced soldier from his efforts in World War II
  • Good at close quarter combat
  • Willing to take on leadership roles if needed
  • Terrifying when he's angry


  • Tends to be reckless with his own safety
  • Lets personal vendettas cloud his judgement
  • Over-confident
  • Under estimates the opposing faction


work in progress, but most likely he hates you.

Gallery (still testing this)Edit