Olga Velikanow, heavy weapons lady

Olga Velikanov

Nicknames: She has no nicknames (yet), not sure if she wants one either..
Meaning: Normal name in Russia I believe (correct me if I am wrong lol) and also it is of Old Norse and Scandinavian origin, and the meaning of Olga is "blessed, holy; successful".
Gender: Female
Status: Forever alone
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 33
Nationality: Mother Russia
Build: Lot's of curves and has a muscular build
{C 'Height: 5'10' (around 180 cm, I SUCK AT THIS LOL)
Weight: 160 lbs
Team: RED
Job Class: Heavy
Loadout: Machine gun, shotgun, FIST OF DOOM Parents: N/A
Siblings: She has one older brother and a sister. She also has a cousin but sees him like a brother. Her parents remains unknown.
Theme Song: N/A


A lady full of pride and loyalty. She will never EVER let herself being bonded with a man (after many failed relationships) and is very self-depended most of the time. She does not speak much unless it's neccessary and unfortunately her English is not her first language which can mislead people thinking she is not that smart, but she is not someone to be underestimated. She likes to crack jokes now and then, sometimes has a habit to crack a joke during a nerving situation as well.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Always has a ponytail/ball-hair, curves, slightly crooked nose and mighty cheekbones. She wears earrings and little make-up (lipstick and painted nails). Usually wear on-duty uniform (you will never see her wear skirts/dresses unless she HAS too.. it'll be hard to convince her).




- Strong woman, can beat the crap out of anyone with less effort.

- Loyal, she always listens and follows her orders.

- Very protective.

- Can deal with a lot of damage and still be capable of fighting.

- Quite intelligent, but it's easy to misunderstand her.


- Slow, being a heavy weapons woman she is not very fast

- Hot-tempered and stubborn.

- Likes to make fun of men.

- Over-estimates herself sometimes.

- Her English is not well-spoken, she sometimes struggles with it.


N/A, make friends with her if you dare!!