Roleplay and Battles :

General Fighting:

  • Insta-kills or fatal/serious wounds are not permitted unless you ask the player beforehand, or give the player enough time for a reaction.

    Example of player allowing an attack on their character to be fatal.


    A good example of a character becoming understandably suspicious of an enemy spy because of a disguise flaw.

  • Your character is not the jack of all trades. Each class should stick to their own skillset specialties in their own class (For example, an Engineer can't cloak like a Spy, a Pyro can't use a sniper rifle).
  • Characters with flaws can be just as or more interesting than characters with many skills.
  • Don't dodge everything ever. Taking damage makes you a cool kid.


  • Don't automatically spy check just because YOU know it's a spy. Your oc should only spy check if the enemy spy does something notably suspicious, or if your oc is known to spy check everyone (i.e. always shown spy checking their own team members who are not enemy spies).
  • Disguises dissipate when the spy experiences some level of pain. Something as little as a pinch could disrupt the disguise, while a pat, a shake, or a bump will do nothing as it causes no pain.


  • Four comment replies to charge a medigun completely.
  • Charge last four comment replies.


  • One comment reply = Level-1 sentry.
  • Second comment reply = Level-2 sentry.
  • Four comment replies = Level-3 sentry.
  • If an engineer packs up, it takes two replies to move and set up a pre-built Level-3 sentry at another location.


  • Weapons can include any of the class appropraite weapons in TF2, and can be changed at any time.
  • You can have a weapon(s) that are not in the roster of weapons contained in the game, however this weapon must be approved with the moderators before use.

Rooms and Roomates:

  • Each team member has one roommate
  • Characters are paired up with someone of same gender
  • There are not separate bathrooms in member rooms, only one community bathroom
  • Rooms have a bunkbed, two wardrobes, two desks, and a window if they are lucky.
  • You can choose to be assigned a roommate randomly or you can sign up along someone. We will shuffle around roommates every now and then (Typically when apps open and there are new people).