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Lloyd Albertson

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built 'em myself

Player: Lunajile Name: Lloyd Albertson (Dog tag reads : Lloyd M. Albertsen)
Nicknames: "Stubby", "Half-pint", "Honey",
Meaning: "Grey-haired son of Albert"
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Nationality: Canadian born, Norwegian background
Build: Scrawnier by the day
Height: 5'5
Weight: 125lbs
Current Load-Out:
-Standard issue Scout/Engineer Pistol
-Mini-Sentries (no Gunslinger)
-Dispenser (half time construction/upgrade)

Team: BLU
Job Class: Engineer

{C}Parents: Rodger and Eva Albertson
Siblings: none
Offspring: likely, but currently unknown.


Friendly and chatty, but has a tendency to punctuate his speech with a lot of unnecessary cussing and swearing unless there's women around. He has a terrible temper, but for the most part he's good at keeping it in check with some exceptions, though often he ends up bottling up a lot of his emotions which leads him to mope around in his workshop until he's calmed down. Be warned, despite his very small stature, he can be surprisingly brutal, and deadly if provoked too far.

Physical Description

Getting the obvious out of the way, Lloyd's legs have both been amputated just below the knee, and wears prosthetics that he built and designed himself after finding his hospital issued ones too uncomfortable and impossible to run in. For days when he feels off, or sore he has a simple wheelchair and a pair of crutches. Lloyd has green eyes, and blond hair that is starting to go white on the left side. It's a genetic trait from his father's side of the family to go prematurely grey, but it's likely the trauma from his assault is speeding the process along, so he'll be completely grey long before he's thirty. He also has a gap in his front teeth that he's rather fond of if only because he can whistle louder than anyone else he knows. Unknown to a lot of people, he's quite flexible, and can slip into some pretty cramped places without any trouble.


Lloyd, for the most part had a very quiet and normal childhood. He was very athletic growing up, despite his short stature, and was a part of some of the earliest recruitment drives in Canada for RED and BLU. As a teenager, Lloyd was incredibly arrogant, and intolerable to work with. When accepted as a scout, he frequently bullied and berated his both his enemies and his team mates, believing that he was the best of his class, though his old RED file seems to imply that it went far beyond bullying when a 16 year old scout trainee was found with his throat torn out during a training operation. For a group of other scouts, Lloyd's attitude was too much, and they couldn't tolerate him any longer, so they ambushed him while he was off duty, promptly emptying multiple rounds of shotgun bullets into both of his legs. The Medics who arrived on the field had no choice but to amputate.

While in rehab he had a lot of time to think. Too much time. He became withdrawn, nervous around other people and was afraid of being sent home, especially knowing that he would be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt after he recovered, and would have to deal with the shame of explaining to his family about what happened. One of the engineers on his old team visited him every so often and would bring him models to build, just to keep his hands busy. The old engineer was impressed with Lloyd's dexterity and precision with his hands and asked if he'd ever considered engineering, since returning as a scout would be impossible. Curious, Lloyd agreed to be trained, and found that though he couldn't read schematics to save his life, if he watched another engineer build something, he could duplicate it. The only device he has yet to figure out is the teleporters. He found he had a knack for robotics, and has built a number of replacement prosthetics, as well as a robot spider named "Albert", which he has finally completed building.

After he was given a fairly clean bill of health, he reapplied, confident in his new abilities, though indefinitely humbled from his previous experience, and hoping to have a fresh start. Due to his previous trauma he experiences hallucinations related to his PSTD (few), insomnia (frequent) and has a high threshold for pain due to nerve damage (constant) which is both a bane and a blessing. It was recommended by his hospice that he receive regular check-ups, but Lloyd appears to be ignoring those orders.

{C}Albert the Spider



Hey kids, It's Albert

Lloyd first started building Albert when he was in rehab, and at first he was meant to just act as a model spider, but with more tools and materials becoming available the spider has turned into more of a companion and a multi-purpose tool. Its AI is very primitive, but is voice responsive, and will come if Lloyd whistles to it.
It has no method of attacking, but has a set of blue lights built into its body, can cling to any surface and is programmed to skitter away if its in any sort of danger. Some consider it to be a bit of a nuisance, especially when it turns up in the shower areas (implying that Albert is waterproof), but one can usually figure out where the spider is hiding, as its eyes glow blue and it emits soft sentry-like beeps.
When asked why Albert seems so advanced for a mini-bot, it is a mystery to its creator as well. Lloyd cites Albert's AI as a fluke, as he has yet to be able to replicate it in another robot.


-Can replicate most man-made machines or parts as long as he's watched someone else build it first
-Difficult for enemy spies to disguise as properly
-Incredibly efficient at building dispensers.
-Takes orders well, prefers to work in teams
-Surprisingly strong, especially when he's pissed off


-Almost completely immobile if an enemy manages to damage or remove his prosthesis
-Cannot build teleporters (even after being shown). Seriously, don't even ask him to. You'll be sorry
-Doesn't make smart decisions when left on his own
-Too dependent on others, especially Pyros
-Easily fooled by disguised spies


BLU Andy Gorman - Probably Lloyd's best friend. He trusted Andy enough to reveal the truth about his so-called accident, and the two work well together on the field. They are currently roommates on Dustbowl.
Tessa Chase - Very kind lady, though she seems very concerned with Lloyd's hermit-like behavior, much to his annoyance. However, he still enjoys going hunting with her when the opportunity arises.
Jeremy - Felt an instant bond with the pyro when he came to his aid after his first trip to respawn, despite not even knowing the man. The two of them seem to have a knack for awkwardness and causing unintentional injury to themselves.
David Ulomoy - Doesn't mind that David is so quiet. David had sent many of Lloyd's robot bugs back to his family and in turn he'd received letters and little drawings of thanks for the bugs. The drawings can be found on his new workshop walls.
La Von Parker - Knows she dislikes his friendship with O`Hannigan. He thinks he has her convinced that it's purely a strategic move to befriend the enemy, but it's likely the only person he's fooling is himself.

RED O'hannigan - Lloyd's best friend on RED, much to the dislike of his teammates. Originally flagging down the scout in the hopes of stealing the technology behind his springs, he learned to admire Harvey, and realized that the the two of them had too much in common to fight against each other.
Chad Smith - Was responsible for Lloyd's first trip through respawn, a fact that Lloyd is incredibly bitter about, and it's likely he's not going to let the grudge die any time soon.
Lucas Conroy - Probably ruined his friendship with him by having a drunken one night stand with the scout just before their transfer from 2fort to Dustbowl. He's afraid to face him right now.

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Not the nicest thing to look at, but he doesn't mind the scars any more.

Player: Green {C}Gender: male
Sexuality: has no real preference
Age: 27
Nationality: British born Australian
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 150lb

Team: Blu {C}Job Class: Pyro

Theme Song: 'Black Cloud' - Crazy Town


Green has a general distrust and dislike of humans but after spending so much time alone actually loves company and being in a room with people. Which doesn’t make sense, but Green doesn’t really make sense anyway. When speaking to you Green will often face you showing more of the left-hand side of his face. This is a habit after most people’s reaction to his scaring. He loves it when people talk to him even though he’ll probably seem really anxious but answers whatever people ask, is a bad liar so just doesn’t try.

He has a tendency to just walk around places, especially outside, just looking around. He hums to himself a lot; he always has a tune in his head. He seems pretty oblivious sometimes but he’s sharper than you’d think.

Loves drinking tea. Especially green tea. He’s a complete scab and so tries to leach cigarette and booze off whoever he can. But if you give him anything he’ll be your friend for life.

{C}Physical Description



Scars? What scars?

The scaring Green has on the right-hand side of his body spreads mostly around his shoulder and back. The amount of muscle he’s lost due to burns means that he’s pretty much crippled. His right arm is extremely weak and so was forced to become left-handed for most things. However this has meant that his left arm is quite strong. The scaring on his face left him blind in his right eye for a very long time and he still cannot see well through it. Also his right ear is almost entirely missing.

The piercings he has were given to him by his sister; most of the time while he was asleep. The fact being that his sister started to pierce herself but when she had finished poking holes into her own ears and all her friends had enough she turned to Green, and would threaten him not to take them out. So the ones he has are three in his ears, one on the left side of his lower lip and one on his left eyebrow (the ones on his right ear were obviously lost due to the fact he no longer has much of a right ear).

Much of the reason his hair is the way it is is because Green’s brother always threatened him with death if he ever mentioned shaving his head, the reason being he didn’t want Green to look at all like a skinhead. After the burns Green found that having a Mohawk was the only satisfying way to have his hair.




Keeps this photo with him wherever he goes. (Green's in the middle)

After Green’s father died he and his two older siblings moved from their small house in Devon, England, to live in Australia with their mother, he was 12 at the time. The house was in a small town on the coast, the closest city being Perth. It was not long after arriving that Green became good friends with a boy who lived close to him, Dillon Golding.

They were both generally cast out by the other residents of the town, Green because of his weird family and English accent and Dillon because he had strange outbursts of anger occasionally. The activities these two often participated in was making bonfires on the beach and planning to burn bigger things. They became inseparable, always trying to outdo the other.

The first fire Green ever started was an old barn outside of the town when he was 14. The fire ended up going out of control and killed half of the farmer’s cattle. The blame was never officially put on Green or Dillon but most people were more suspicious of them from then on.

In high school Green started partaking in sports and became quite athletic whilst Dillon refused to partake in any school activities. Though nothing came between their friendship until Green started to date a girl called Lea Berry. Green adored her and Dillon became jealous of the two of them since he quite liked the girl a lot too. It soon became the three of them that would hang out, sitting on the beach smoking, planning what to burn, making fires.

Green never noticed how his old friend started to hate him, their fights ended up being more violent, once ending in one of Green’s ribs breaking. Dillon started to spend less time with him, so Green just spent more time with Lea.

A normal occurrence in Green’s house was for their dog, a huge German shepherd called Silvia, to wander off. The family took it in turns to fetch her from a few places that she would walk to. One night it was Green’s turn, he was 18 at the time, it was way past midnight when he found the dog and whilst the two were walking home Green could see a fire coming from the direction of his house. The house was so far gone it was almost collapsing in on itself when Green finally got there; he burned both of his hands badly trying to get in. He could see that it was useless to try and do anything almost straight away. He could see the way the fire burnt and he could tell how it started. He ran as soon as he heard the sirens.

Dillon had moved out of his parents house and lived in a small boathouse on the estuary. It was completely silent when he arrived there but he saw empty containers around the door, they stank of petrol. Green didn’t realise that the side of the building he started the fire on had one of Dillon’s collections of petrol canisters behind it. While Green was running away there was an explosion. It blew Green into the water where he should have drowned but his body ended up washing onto the beach, soon found by police.

Green was unconscious for three weeks in hospital. When he finally did wake up he was charged with both accounts of arson and 5 murders; he didn’t know that Lea had been in the boathouse with Dillon. It took six months for him to start walking again.

After his time in prison, leaving at the age of 26, he started calling himself ‘Green’ after a prison nickname. He only returned to his old home once to visit his family’s graves. He was told to get out by the townspeople and had rocks thrown at him. He never went back. He spent a long time in Perth trying to find employment but failed again and again. Green discovered BLU were recruiting and so joined as a pyro due to his understanding of fire and the way things burn.


  • He's good at understanding fire.
  • Takes work seriously.
  • Can handle pain well due to the lack of feeling on a lot of his body.
  • Strong left arm.


  • Crippled right side.
  • Doesn't talk much.
  • Occasionally very self conscious.
  • Doesn't like the cold or rain.
  • Can run fast but not for very long.

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like HELL Ellen drew this HA!

{C}Player: Ellen Celestine

Name: Felix Powell

Nicknames: Bleachy, Guero, Whitey, Mouthy Albino

Meaning: First name: Lucky/Succesful(haha), Last name: Eminent/Conspicuous

Gender: Male

Status: Single (sob)

Sexuality: Straight (haha what the fuck ever, twinkletoes)

Age: 21

Nationality: American

Build: Tall and skinny

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 153

{C}Team: BLU

Job Class: Scout

Parents: Meridith and Ernest Powell

Siblings: Only child

Theme Songs: Just wants to have fun! Pre-war before he leaves home.

Ra Ra Riot - Run My Mouth His actual theme song

WE ARE YOUNG! post war, felix fights back against Asher and frees his fellow prostitutes dancers.



{C}Snarky, apathetic and a trouble maker. He has a habit of making a terrible first impression. Despite his obvious social issues, he does prefer the company of others and will want to take care of his friends.

Physical Description

{C}Awkward looking is one way to put it. Tall, skinny and grey is another way.

{C}Yes, all of his hair is grey.

Also his eyes. Yes natural grey eyes are possible. I have them.


{C}Felix was born in Port Washington, WI on February 4th 1948. He grew up somewhat spoiled due to being the only child to his widowed mother. He had few friends as his mother kept a watchful eye on his activities like the helecopter parent she was. Anyone she did not approve of (non-christian or otherwise) was not allowed to socialize with Felix and vis versa. He did not develop the best social skills.

He left home at age 18 to get away from his obsessive controlling fundamentalist Christian mother. She latched onto Felix out of fear that he would leave her like her husband did when Felix was 2. This extreme dependence began materializing around the time Felix's hair had gone prematurely grey around age 11 or 12. Felix looked so much like his father that his mother, Meridith, could not look at him without being reminded of the heartbreak that she carried since her husband's death. She subconsciously feared that he would leave in one way or another. She restricted his activities and social interaction (more than ever before). Felix began to rebel and sneak out.

He later met Luigi years later during one of his periods of running away from home. He had avoided going home as much as possible at times due to Meridith's frantic episodes. The straw that broke the camel's back was when he was 17 and fell down the stairs, breaking his arm. She had refused to send him to the hospital and opt for the healing power of Christ. After a day or two of intense pain, he had convinced his aunt (Still a bible thumping nut job but closer in the realm of sanity) to take him to the hospital. He finally left sometime after that. She still called him constantly. Fortunately, he had gotten a letter from Luigi about his new job. Felix applied for BLU, not caring at all what the hell he'd be doing just as long as it was away from Port Washington.

{C}tl;dr felix grew up a spoiled brat, his mother went crazy and he thinks she was trying to kill him. He met luigi and ran away with him to BLU.


{C}Very fast

Has excellent balance

Light footing/moves silently

Being a dancer, he can jump rather far

Excellent of dodging and eluding and slipping out of his enemy's grasp

Can hide in the snow

A fairly good shot with a pistol


Spin cycle, Felix's one weakness!

{C}Spin cycle

Fairly light and is knocked around easily

His temper

His lack of respect for authority which can get him in trouble

Not too friendly off the bat, he tends to make a bad first impression with his poor manners


Lack of foresight

Not that great with his scatter gun

eggs PUNS!




Luigi best bros. Felix is indifferent to Luigi's lifestyle and enjoys his easy going attitude.

{C}Lucius Felix likes to tease him, they often get into fights. A liking for his cat, Ref, is one of the few things they can agree on.

{C}Hahana She kicked him in the balls once, he deserved it.

{C}Dr. Max Though Maxwell is what Felix would describe as a "hard ass", he holds some respect for the man since he's willing to deal with Felix's constant injuries (most of which are his own fault).

{C}Dr. Teddy Felix had instantly gotten on this man's bad side (An easy feat) and doesn't care for the medic one bit. He berates him for his height and lack of interest in doing his job. They have gotten into a few fights. SEEEEKRIT COUUUUSIIIINS HURP

{C}Constantine Connie is too nice to Felix for what it's worth. Felix enjoys dragging him into trouble with Courtney. Feel the fury of the BLU oreo!

{C}Courtney Felix found her cute and was a little awkward around her at first, but soon became friends. He's also a bad influence on her.

{C}Robbie Felix despises Robbie. Nuff' said.

{C}Asher He thinks Asher is a weirdo. He will, of course, follow orders as not to get fired.

{C}Alex He likes this scout. Alex is incredibly tolerant of Felix's attitude. Felix treats him like a subordinate and himself as a teacher, though he doesn't have much to teach.

{C}Jiro Felix thinks he's kind of a weirdo too but he absolutely hates Teddy, so he can't be all that bad.

{C}Roy new roomie! Felix takes advantage of the poor gullible guy...


Kai Upon Kai's arrival, Felix found him easily irritated and quite fun to tease. The two have formed a rivalry, though not at all a friendly one.

{C}Bonnie He had been in a relationship with her, much to Asher's irritation and/or amusement. This ended, however, due to Bonnie's stress and Felix's immature attitude.

{C}Chad Felix calls him Chode. He is here by known by the BLU scouts as Chode.

{C}Donna what a fatty amirite? DONNA I LOVE YOU DON'T LISTEN TO HIM

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{C}Courtney Huff

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oh hi

{C}Player: Dee

Name: Courtney Huff

Nicknames: Courtney. Just Courtney. >:C

Meaning: Ohh gosh should there be a meaning? Totally didn't know about that one.

Gender: Female

Status: Single

Sexuality: Straight

Age: 28

Nationality: Mixed-American (Black and White), mostly black.

Build: Average body weight, a little thick around the hip area

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 140lbs

Team: BLU

Job Class: Scout

Parents: DonnaLynn and Jerry Huff (now separated)

Siblings: Brittney Huff(younger), Anthony Huff(Older)

Theme Song: Stephen Lynch - Vanilla Ice Cream 8D



Courtney's a bit on the temperamental side, but she's a pretty nice girl. However, she doesn't deal with being wronged in any way unless she believes she fairly deserved it. That doesn't happen.

Physical Description

She's a bit thin(she believes anyway) but she keeps herself lean.





She's usually intimidating, but not 100% of the time


Strong melee attacks, sharp shooters, snipers

Her mouth can get her into quite a bit of trouble too.



Constantine She's got a total crush on this dude. She thinks it's secret but it's pretty much common knowledge to everyone but Connie himself.

Felix She's pretty buddy buddy with Felix. They tend to be hazardous to their teammates and enemies when they're together, always pulling some type of prank.

La Von LaVon is her best friend on the base. She's practically the only one she feels like she can tell anything to.

Teddy She can't stand Theodore in the least bit and rages at the thought.

Maxwell She pretty much hates Maxwell because of his blatant racism and refusal to admit it. Ain't no reason fo' dat!!


Bonnie This bitch think she cute.

Jenner Jenner's probably the only red she's honestly okay with. He's nice.

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Player: Mazzaroo

Full Name: Robert Deighton but is using an assumed name of Anthony Roberts

Meaning: Robert meaning "bright fame". Deighton meaning village or home surrounded by a wall, moat/dike

Nicknames: Rob, Robbie, Bear (from Tim), Eyebrows (from Liam)

Gender: male

Status: "Single"

Sexuality: Straight...ish

Age: 39 (3rd Aug)

Nationality: British, Cockney

Build: MEATY

Height: 6ft

Weight: 270lb

Family: parents dead, has a son called Terry

Team: BLU

Job Class: Solider



Important links: PROFILE





1 Personality

2 Physical Description

3 History. The babby years

4 History con. The Liam years

5 History con. Years before BLU


7 Strengths

8 Weaknesses

9 Relationships


Robbie is like a British Bulldog. Stocky, kinda ugly and has a bad reputation. But also like the British Bulldog, he’s really a big softy. Although I wouldn’t call him fuzzy wuzzy adorable. Do you want to get punched?

Physical Description

He’s a big lad, quite hairy, plenty of muscle but a fair share of fat too. He has a scar on his eyebrow which he won’t say how he got. Robbie also has a missing tooth which he lost in a fight when he was a young scallywag. He's letting his hair grow out because he's too lazy to shave it and the "ladies" seem to like it.

Robbie has plenty of small scars on his chest from all the pub fights he’s been in. The most prominent scars are a bullet wound on near his right shoulder, a mark on his left shoulder from a broken bottle. The largest scar is across his chest which he received when he was slashed and it got infected. Recently he's got a bit of a leftover mark from when Pike shot him in the arse, comically leaving a heart-like shape on his left arse cheek.

History. The babby years

the Blitz

Little Robbie was having a great time until that pesky war started. Dad went to war and was killed soon after. Robbie and his sickly mum went to live with Robbie’s uncle and their family. Robbie’s uncle owned a pub and gave one of the guest rooms to Robbie and his Mother. Robbie got along well with his younger cousin Linda and they had a close relationship. Linda is the only girl he will address by their first name rather than a pet name. Living arrangements at the pub didn’t last long for Robbie though. Robbie and Linda were soon evacuated to the countryside.

When the war ended teenage Robbie returned to stay with his Uncle at the pub and spent the days causing as much trouble as a teenage boy can. He was a handful. Petty theft, getting into fights, eventually Robbie arrested by police for stealing motorbikes. He calmed down a bit when his sickly mother was on her deathbed and promised her that he'd never get caught again. Robbie started to help his uncle more, pouring drinks and kicking rowdy punters out. However this soon bored Robbie. The thrill of stealing, being chased and youths dream of to get rich quick or die trying was too strong. Robbie joined a group of thugs on the side and his career of organised crime began.

History con. The Liam years

Robbie was already the right hand man in a small gang when he met Liam. This group was led by Tony, Robbie’s best mate. Other members included Linda, Robbie’s cousin and Tony’s girlfriend. Beattie the postie who served as the messenger. Lastly there was Luke, Tom, Dave a couple of thugs that Robbie bossed about.

The group picked up other people for jobs but it was normally just the seven of them. Liam found out about them and proposed job. Most of the group had doubts but the hit went well and Liam bacame trusted member ever since. With the addition of Liam the group’s activity escalated, taking on bigger and more ambitious jobs. However all good things must come to an end. A partially ambitious job went tits up. This resulted in the death of Tony and Luke. Linda blamed Robbie for Tony’s Death and disowned him. Dave and Tom were caught by the police and sent to prison. Liam went missing, presumed dead. Beattie and Robbie went their separate ways and into hiding.

new outfit

History con. Years before BLU

The disaster of the last job left Robbie with nothing. With no home to go to Robbie moved out of London, leaving his life of crime behind him. Having no other skills apart ones that will land you in jail, Robbie spent these years doing odd jobs, manual labour, and building work. He did find a nice girl during these years and was engaged for awhile but this didn’t end well. Robbie joined BLU thinking it was just another building contract but was pleasantly surprised.


Robbie was trained up by BLU and sent into the thick of it, the last stages of pl_cashworks. After a job well done.. that is until he was caught stealing some of the gold. He was then transfered to Asher's team at 2fort.




Experienced in stealing goods

High alcohol tolerance

good at rocket jumping

makes a good handyman


{C}very easily distracted by attractive women

Not very observant




Slow on the uptake

tends to go into rambo mode in battle


{C}Asher: He thinks he's a bit mad but an alright bloke. he's worked for worse people for worse pay afterall.

Liam: is like a brother to Robbie and like brothers they fight now and again but they love each other really.

Alex: Robbie has a soft spot for him, mostly because he's ginger and loves beer.

Mack: lusted over her for a while, became indifferent after sleeping with her.

Kalina: one of the few girls he's just friends with. They bonded over a cuppa, chatting about marriage and kids.

Hahana Atamatea: drinking buddy, gets to have his way with her too easily.

Tim: has a "very close" relationship with him. Originally just an apprentice, Robbie grew closer to Tim as they spent more time together. One of the few people that Robbie trusts completely.

Constantine: A fellow Brit and a tea lover. Robbie thinks "Stan" is a good kid, gets along well with him and tends to have a good laugh.

Felix: Robbie thinks he's a little shit and needs to be put back in his place. Has accidently killed/nearly killed him twice. Hates him so much he doesn't give a shit

Theodore Redd: Thinks he's a terrible medic, what kind of medic doesn't have his medigun out 24/7? but aside from that he thinks he's a good laugh. He would buy that man a a beer.

Maxwell: thinks he's also a terrible medic and probably a coward


{C}Robbie is generally not friendly with the REDS

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Bangalter, Christian

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Burnin' stuff

Player: CelebrenIthil ---

Name: Bangalter, Christian

Nicknames: Beepyro, "little buddy" or "little guy" (even tough he isn't technically short)

Gender: Male

Status: Single

Sexuality: Well he sure gets none XD (he is straight, tough)

Age: 23 (born in 1945)

Nationality: French-American (current residence in Arizona)

Build: Thin

Height: 5'9 ft

Weight: 143 lbs

Team: BLU

Job Class: Pyro

Parents: Jérome Bangalter(deceased),Candide Arceneau

Siblings: Sophie Bangalter, Agathe Bangalter

Theme Song:

Battle Song:


Playing the combo organ

Reserved, shy and socially awkward. He's very methodical and likes to learn a lot, music most of all. He's very interested in unusual instruments and styles, such as playing the Theremin or the Synthetizer. While being quite fluent in English, he tends to stutter while talking, especially if he is feeling stressed or uncomfortable. He does not suffer from this problem when speaking French, strangely enough.

The arsonist-caused fire in which his father died and he got massively burned is of course a traumatic event for him: he got even more closed on himself since it happened, feeling somewhat repulsive due to his scarring, and seems to have developed a strange relationship with fire...

Physical Description

A slim and wiry fellow you probably won't see without his full-body Pest Control rubber suit complete with mask and visor. He still has both of his eyes but the right one (along with all his right side) is really damaged and barely functional due to incessant infections. Until he gets the money for more surgeries, he keeps it under bandages. His left eye works alright but due to smoke burns is constantly red and bloodshot. His iris also got discolored and he has visibly no eyebrows left. Burn scars cover almost 90% of his body.


Also available here:

Christian originates from Aÿ in the Champagne region of France. He has lived there until the age of twelve, then moved along his family to Arizona in the United States, where his father had gotten a very important job. What he did never was really clear to the rest of the family and he wasn't home often, but it was extremely well-paid, allowing the Bangalter family to live a cozy, wealthy life. Christian wasn't very outgoing and adapted slowly to his new country and language, but he enjoyed piano classes- his parents encouraged his talent and wanted him to become a pianist. He also had the chance to practice a wide variety of other instruments and dabble in all kinds of music styles.

One fateful day, his mother and sisters left home on a trip while he stayed at home for his musical lessons. His father unexpectedly came home, and they spent the day together. Happy and tired, they retired to bed and all was well.

Christian woke up to a sudden, ear-wrenching noise in the house. It was the sound of the Grand Piano, downstairs, whose strings started exploding. The house was burning, the air was thick with deadly smoke and fire was all around him. He somehow managed to scramble through the inferno and escape with his life, but at a very high price. Christian's pajamas had caught on fire and he had become a human torch whom was only extinguished once he had collapsed on the front lawn by a fast-thinking neighbour with a wet blanket.

Christian was burnt on roughly 90% of his body surface. Luckily, miraculously even, most of his burns weren't third degree, but he was heavily disfigured for life, and had to spend the next years in non-stop medical treatments.

His father never made it out of the house.

After investigation, the police found out the fire had been caused by a criminal hand. Namely, an incendiary bomb canister marked with the RED (Reliable Excavation and Demolition) corporation seal, but any further prodding was brought to an abrupt end by upper orders and the whole affair was quickly quieted.

Burdened with grief and remorse, Christian's mother eventually gave in to his questions and told him about his father's double life as a Spy for the BLU corporation and it's feud with RED- which had led to his assassination and the collateral crippling of his son.

Fearing for the lives of the rest of the family- from both RED and BLU who might want to make sure they'd never tell anything- Christian's mom decided to move back to France at some relatives' place and try to make themselves forgotten. Sadly, Christian couldn't go from the hospital and thus had to wave goodbye to his mom and two sisters has he stayed behind until he could handle the trip. For safety reasons, they would only sparsely communicate by letters.

After 3 long years of rehab, Christian, now even more socially awkward and closed on himself was able to go on with his life. His treatments had cost tremendous amounts of money- which, with his father's death, wouldn't be earned back- and the trip back to France would be another big expense. He also still feared for his mom and sisters' safety if he was followed when going for them. Thus, Christian decided to stay in Arizona and searched for a job.

He was hired for Pest Control and ended up exterminating invading Africanized Killer Bees for the county. His experiences had left him strangely calm with fire- if very careful- and he ended up being very deft with using the flamethrower to cull the bees.

It is unclear how Christian finally discovered the mysterious BLU his father had worked for but he was accepted in their ranks as a Pyro.


Extremely acute hearing, excellent memory and quick learner. He sees in dimmer light and catches movement better than average in the dark. He is quite deft with his hands and almost ambidextrous. Christian can recognize teammates by the sound of their steps and voices, making him a good spy-checker. He also remembers the layout of places very well, and the habits of both friends and enemies. Finally, he lives with the constant pain of his burns, making him quite hardened about pain in general.


Due to his burns, he lost a lot of flexibility and physical endurance. He's also quite light and rather weak. Even with good reflexes, his muscles and epidermis tend to go stiff when he stops moving, and thus regular stretching is needed for him to perform physical feats. He therefore wouldn't be able to dash after someone after standing ambushed and still for a long time. His lungs aren't in top condition due to all the scalding smoke he inhaled the night he was burnt- he works to regain his lost endurance a lot, but lengthy efforts will make him go breathless. Finally, his eyes, also a bit damaged, tend to be weak to strong light: he also suffers from some myopia and has problems with depth perception with one eye bandaged.

And, he's a stressed, unconfident, socially inept wuss.


It's multi-purpose!

Christian's weaponry is pretty much made of his old tools when he worked in the Pest Control trade.

He is equipped with his own flamethrower he used to burn Africanized Honey Bees (killer bees) and their nests to stop them from invading the countryside and attack people. (He worked for the county) The device can also be used to spray pesticides, which he uses in battle instead of a shotgun. All he needs is change the gas-feeding hose from one canister on his back to the other to go from fuel to chemical gases.

He also uses a slightly modified electric cattle prod instead of an axe as a melee weapon. He used it routinely in his pest control duties to stun small animals or "prod" bigger ones to get them enter cages or simply stop attacking and cower. The device isn't lethal to humans but it can cause a lot of pain and small burns if applied for a long time. It could be tweaked to deliver more stunning-like shocks at the expense of eating up more of it's charge. It's also quite sturdy and can be used as a baton.

Not very pretty but it does the job...

The third, middle canister on his back isn't combat-related: it's a small oxygen tank to whom his mask is connected. He usually breathes through the filter, but if things go worse, he can go on with this small supply of air for a short while.

While not exactly equipped for diving, Christian's gear would allow him to last for a good while underwater, thanks to the oxygen supply connected to his mask. His melee weapon's effects would increase dangerously- and uncontrollably, too. Dangerous for him too, tough: even if wearing full rubber equipment, it's not perfectly watertight and some would probably leak inside, making him vulnerable to shocks.


Christian hasn't met much of the BLU team yet, but so far he's getting along with Lloyd, whom he admires the strength to go on with losing is legs. He also seems to find the other BLU engineer, Brett, to be a nice person. He almost immediately befriended the relatively new BLU Pyro rookie, Andy, with an affinity in muscial and cultural interests. Christian also hasn't met the Medics much so far, but having passed most of his recent life under medical care, he's got absolute trust in them. Particularly in Dr. Jonathan Pie, even the relationship between Lloyd ans the latter leaves him a little... confused... He doesn't know Green and Frankie that much but he feels a strong kinship with both, the first one for surviving a similar situation as him with seemingly a lot of courage, and the second for having similar shyness and stuttering problems...

As for the girls in the team, they pretty much all have the same effect, but in particular the very pretty and confident Courtney makes him want to literally disappear into the floor so she wouldn't see his lame, ugly, awkward self... He has spent some time with Glad from the RED team tough (which to his great dismay happens to be deaf), and she has been very kind and cheerful towards him. He wishes he had her courage in face of disability...

He's pretty much intimidated by everyone else so far. Namely, the BLU Leader, Asher, the brochette of snipers- especially all those darn Italians (why are they so handsome and manly?!?)- and so on. He's even scared of the cheerful Constantine, when he decided that Christian's lack of knowledge of cricket was intolerable, or Jenner­­ the RED sniper that for some unfathomable reason is always extremely friendly to him.

And not to mention pretty much all the girls, from the strong and confident La Von to the ...provocative(?) Alice. And what about Donatella, the amazing, terrifying, merciless and gorgeous RED heavy!?!

Random Interesting/Useful Stuff

CHRISTIAN's VOICE guises!!!:

Note for myself: the year is 1968

About burn scars:

About the Synthetizer:

Christian's unlockable hats:

Christian's costume Reference Sheet:

Age meme:

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Kalina Miller

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in't she precious?

Player: ---

Name: Kalina Callum Miller

Meaning: "flower," and "to love,"

Nicknames: Kally, K, and Callum.

Gender: SHE'S A BIRD

Status: Single

Sexuality: Straight.

Age: 28

Nationality: Australian

Build: ---

Height: 5"8

Weight: 150lbs

{C}Team: ---

Job Class: ---

Theme Song: "Waltzing Matilda"



Laid-back and pretty amiable to most people, yet her natural feistiness can sometimes get in the way of her normally chipper attitude. An example of this is a tendancy to smack people with her wrench or shoot snarky comments at people, which she regrets later. When it comes to her work, be it farming or engineering she is super-serious-business. Although she can be pretty uneducated in other topics she is above average in her knowledge of science. She is likely to mutter physics equations or mechanical jargon to herself while working. Above all, Kalina is a loyal individual who has strong ties with her family. She considers herself to be a morning person, waking up in the early hours and enjoying the peace accompanied with it.

Or not. After the news that Fred went MIA in Vietnam, she turned to alcohol and took up smoking. When she's not smoking, drinking, and bitching about shit, she will be doing her job. Her occupation as an Engineer became the only stable part in her life, and so the redhead put all her effort into being the best at what she does. Her token feistiness was amped up, becoming petulant and easily aggravated. Ironically, Fred's return to BLU did not solve her broken heart. In fact, it worsened her condition by being forcing her to realise that she had changed too much in his absence.

Physical Description

Twenty-odd years of working on her family farm certainly did not favour her with curves, but it did leave her with decent physical strength. Due to her home being very isolated she was never vaccinated or until her arrival at BLU, she'd never met a doctor. Because of this, any allergies and conditions she has are unknown, and her immune system is a lot less able as others. That, and she totally has "Property of Miller's Farms" tattooed on her butt. Aside from these details her appearance is pretty straight forward: she's ginger. She keeps her hair in a loose bun, using her lucky scarf to keep it all in place. The style is a complete replica of her nemesis Donna, the RED Heavy. It is rare to see her without her goggles over her eyes, both on and off the field. She used to use them strictly when doing her job, opting to push them up to the top of her head when off duty. Now that lack of sleep, heavy drinking and other factors had left her eyes tired and sore, she now wears them every chance she can get.


{C}Kalina was born (in a barn) on a family farm in Australia to Carl Miller and his wife Rose, who both had hopes for a young sturdy son who could help out and then inherite the farm. Serves them right for counting their chickens before they have hatched, because the 'son' they expected turned out to be a girl. Quickly changing the name of "Callum" and adding a 'lina' at the end for some feminine quality, Kalina was thus named. However, Callum remained to be her middle name, as well as her nick name for the majority of her life.

{C}Nonetheless, K grew up and was educated by her Grandpa, named Callum (as you do), who first began the farm after quitting his job of being a science teacher, majoring in physics and chemistry. Odd career moves aside, he was a jovial fellow who won the heart of his late wife with his adept accordion skills, and set Kalina up with a passion for engineering.

{C}Later in her life, Kalina met with the neighbouring farm boy by the name of Jack, who was the first close friend and later her first boyfriend. Years later, both families were hoping for a marriage which both Kalina and her Grandfather were wary about. As of yet she still had not even seen city life or met anyone else not on the farm, and marriage would more or less put this prospect to death. After convincing K to leave the farm and put some of her talent to use, her Grandpa organised for her to go to BLU, thinking it was an ACTUAL Builder's League. At least then, she'd know whether she wanted to come back to the farm.

{C}tl;dr went out with Fred, Fred went MIA, K went sad and loopy, Fred came back, K went more sad and more loopy. Is anyone actually reading this wiki?


{C}Her engineering skills allow her to more or less work out a machine's problem in a instant, along with the remedy for it. Otherwise, Kalina doesn't have too much going for her. She can sheer a sheep darn well and would win their home competitions. Aside from that, she can ride a horse, play an accordion, and pilot a home built plane. Well... If you consider piloting as hovering in the air for a couple hundred metres and then crashing.


{C}One of her more obvious weaknesses is her lack of intelligence in subjects not concerning to Australia, farming or engineering. She also finds it hard to pick up accents and understand different dialects even if she's very fond of them. Aside from this she has a quick temper, flipping out over very small things as well as getting easily flustered.

{C}On the battlefield however, her weakness would have to be her stubbor


{C}Ignoring the hundreds of livestock on her farm, K holds a few pets very close to her heart. Ginger, her Australian Stock Horse, would be her favourite pet, closely followed by the family of kookaburras that live in the tree outside her bedroom window.


{C}Despite a few obvious flaws in her personality, K has managed to establish some firm ties with members of BLU, and RED.


{C}Fred: Kalina adores the medic and she makes no effort at trying to hide it. She doesn't really notice the age gap due to Fred's ability to act very immature, something that both frustrates and amuses her. The engineer is willing to do anything for him, which includes dressing up as a nurse :| and let's be honest, it's pretty hot. OHEY GUESS WHAT she thinks he's a right prick for a) not finding her fast enough after returning from vietnam, b) probably sleeping with the nurse. c)he's a constant reminder that she's become a bad person with a lot of bad habits.

Nigel: The Heavy is her best friend on the base, and odd romances with Vikings aside, she is generally fond of him. If in trouble, she will go to him first.

Adela: Other good mate on BLU, as well as scarf buddy and one-time weed supplier.

Doug: Gogglebuddy, and another demoperson to which she is attached to.

Liam: Another spy to which she finds herself amused by. Despite what others say, she still thinks he has snappy fashion sense. Of course, coming from someone who's always covered in grease, her opinion on appearance isn't really worth much.

Bernard: Kalina is still sore over the 'redhead's will kill you in your sleep' comment (Pfft, get over it, amirite), and is still a bit suspicious of the englishman. I mean, sleeping with the enemy? COME ON. But on the occasions where he SMARMS everywhere, she allows herself to drop her grudge and humour him.

Robbie: She regards him a bit odd, but otherwise a bro. He makes good tea, but it's never sugary enough..

Edgar: The seemingly meek medic is someone who Kalina thinks of as a little lost lamb. The kind that you don't kill and eat for dinner because it's so adorable. She is also incredibly impressed by his intelligence and book collection.

Tim: The soldier brings out all the maternal instincts she possesses that she normally saves for her machines. Kalina is "Tim's mommy" (Blame Aurum)


{C}Ardette: Kalina is blissfully unaware of exactly how much Ardette doesn't want to associate with her, and instead she will ignore her better judgement and try befriend the enemy spy. The spy's serious manner and cynical nature only makes her more endearing, because "how could anyone be that grumpy?" Her manner on battle is also admirable, but K won't admit it.

Donatella: Whether or not Kalina wants to hug or slap this woman, she is not sure. The redheads chipper nature seems to be punctured a lot by the Heavy's attitude. You know, until Kalina went crazy and gouged her eyes out.

Eberhardt: After a peculiar conversation with Eberhardt regarding the nature of war and humanity, she is quite positive the man is a loon. However she remains only slightly unnerved by him, sure that the brief flickers of his good self have to indicate some form of sanity.

Fynn: After establishing with the spy that he was more prone to stabbing than sapping, Kalina gave the man the benefit of the doubt. With her sentries safe, she let herself converse with the spy, finding that he treated the greased up farmhand like a lady. Despite what others may believe, she sees him as a brotherly figure, and a complete boofhead.

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Jaume TorregrosaEdit

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Team: BLUPlayer: Steampunk-GirlName: Jaume Torregrosa {C}Meaning: Valencian version of Jaime. Spanish origin. Variant of James (Hebrew) "he who supplants". {C}Nicknames: --- {C}Gender: Male {C}Status: Single {C}Sexuality: Straight {C}Age: 27 {C}Nationality: Spanish {C}Build: Athletic (plays sport constantly) {C}Height: 5'6" {C}Weight: 190 lbs

Job Class: Pyro

{C}Parents: Carmen Llopis (mother) Antonio Torregrosa (father {C}Siblings: 3, 2 sisters (María, 29, and Elena, 20) and a brother (Paquito, 15) {C}Offspring: None

Theme Song: {C}We are the Champions - Queen {C}La Manta al Coll - typical song from Valencia, loves to sing it all day-long.


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Jump to: navigation, search[11][12]One crazy demobabe. Art by P-RO!Player: Bali {C}Name: Bronwen "Bonnie" Kelly
Nicknames: Bonnie, Bon, Miss Bon, Miss Bonnie, Miss Bronwen, Bawwnie, Ms. Kelly, Demobabe
Meaning: Bronwen - "White-breasted" (totally unintentional I SWEAR), Bonnie - "Pretty", Kelly - "War; strife; bright-headed"
Gender: Female
Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 29
Nationality: Second-generation Scottish-American (Her grandfather emigrated from Scotland)
Build: A bit curvy, but slender with strong core muscles
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 160 lbs. (72.5 kg)

Team: RED
Job Class: Demo

Grandfather: Gareth Kelly (former BLU Spy), father of Broderick
Parents: Broderick (60, BLU Medic) and Hannah Kelly (Deceased)
Siblings: Bowie (39, BLU Sniper)
Bryan (37, Photographer)
Breanna (35, Lawyer)
Birgitte (34, BLU Spy)
Buckley (31, Chef)
She is the youngest.
Audio: Bonnie's Playlist {C}Bonnie's Voice

Mission OneEdit

[13][14]Girl's gotta have her tools.


Calm, gentle and overall good-natured. Bonnie attempts to go out of her way to be friendly and make people feel comfortable around her, especially if she's going to be relying on them to do her work. However, if she's pushed, she isn't above a bit of mischievous ribbing to prove a point. Unfortunately, she is easily flustered or confused in unfamiliar situations, so even if she puts on a smiling face at first, she might not be comfortable for a good while. Constant studying as a child gave her a unique sense of focus, causing her to become irritable if she is interrupted whilst in a determined state of mind. For the most part, she's really quite a social woman.

Physical DescriptionEdit

A pretty slender person for her height, she is deft and quick-footed--hindered slightly by the weight of her demolition equipment. Ordinarily pale skin is somewhat tanned by being out in the sun often. Hazel-green eyes. Short, reddish-brown hair. Has a couple of scars, but nothing too strange for a girl that grew up goofing off with five siblings.


Born in Scotland, grew up in New York, NY. Her parents were incredibly hard workers, making sure their children led healthy, robust lives in the ritzy and quickly-developing uptown part of the city. Her childhood was happy, if uneventful; the Kelly clan was not struck as hard by the second World War as others around them. Gareth, the patriarch of the American branch (as it were), insisted on taking his grandchildren to become culturally adept, so they visited Scotland every year for summer holiday. Bonnie is his favorite, though he keeps secrets she could never possibly guess at--secrets that involve the Fortress war.

She was raised to be a hard worker, just as her parents had been and as her siblings were developing into. Eventually she ended up at university with a major in nursing (her focus was physical therapy). She earned her Master's and was all set to begin a career in the medical field, but something about fighting for a cause piqued her interest. Bonnie wanted to do something that could help more people than any amount of physical therapy could. At first she had planned on joining BLU, but Broderick was livid when he heard his youngest daughter was thinking of going against what she'd been led into all her life. There was a wicked fight over it, with shouting and almost physical altercations, until finally in a bout of exhaustion and fury Bonnie enlisted with RED. Unfortunately, the Kelly family--Gareth, Broderick, and a couple of the sons along with a multitude of cousins, uncles, etc.--had served or were serving with BLU. The entire family was/is pretty much loyal to them. With her decision made, Bonnie was disowned and forced to cut off all ties. She hasn't spoken with her parents, brothers or sisters in years; the only one willing to talk to her anymore is her grandfather.

Faced at a crossroads, alone and heartbroken, Bonnie chose a path that ensured she could work with destruction as much as possible. Demolition, oddly enough, served as the perfect outlet for the woman's frustrations. Angered motions became well-learned skills over time, until she developed an interest in explosives and sought to improve her craft. She's been at one or two different RED strongholds before finally transferring to 2Fort. Having been in academics for most of her young life, Bonnie hasn't done much in the way of looking to settle down. For now, she is happy utilizing her talents for RED.

Off-Duty and 10 FactsEdit

[15][16]A definite believer in sweaters and dresses.10 Facts

1. She hates cooking. She can do it, but would really rather someone else handle the kitchen.

2. On-duty, her choice of beverage is a simple tea (usually peppermint or chai). Off-duty, she loves Irish coffee.

3. Three of her family currently serve BLU: father Broderick (medic), oldest brother Bowie (sniper) and middle sister Birgitte (spy).

4. After she left home, her mother was overcome by sickness and died begging to see her "Baby Bon" one last time. Bonnie learned this after being informed by her brother, and didn't take it well.

5. She loves Broadway, but dreams of being in Hollywood. (Her favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn.)

6. Bonnie has a replica of Marilyn Monroe's famous white dress from "Seven Year Itch". And yes, she did bring it to the base to wear.

7. She does not celebrate her birthday. She'll mark the date, have a drink and be done with it. (March 10th)

8. Bonnie has a Master's Degree in Nursing, but did not want to be a medic. Her specialty is physical therapy, particularly massage.

9. After a series of complicated and broken relationships, she's not sure if she's ever going to be ready to settle down.

10. Bonnie's mother used to sing her an old Gaelic lullaby every night. She usually hums it or sings it to herself--either way, she has to hear it before she can sleep.


Solid core muscles; she can take a hit and stay pretty stable
Quick on her feet
Medical knowledge; basic fix-ups are a snap (plus she can give a mean massage!)


Easily flustered
Low pain threshold
Not a great fighter
Peanuts (allergic)


Surveillance - After being manipulated by her, she doesn't trust the woman as far as she could throw her.

RED {C}Amelie - Bonded fairly quickly, though a few moments throughout their friendship have been pretty touch and go. They don't hang out as often as they used to.

Ardette - She intimidated Bonnie quite a bit to begin with, though the feelings have mellowed after their room assignment. While she's a bit put out by Ardette's overall cool nature, she has great respect for her and would be liable to go to her for advice if she didn't think it would be a burden.

Dennis - He totally creeps her out, and she has gone through great lengths to keep him from invading her privacy.

Gladys - Since the pyro ended up with the group, Bonnie's become good friends with her. She has no idea of Gladys' real feelings for her, confused or not, and carries on their friendship unaware.

Julian Aberdeen - KNITTING BUDDIES

Kai - Demobro. Definitely views him like a brother, petty annoyances, affection and all.

Kirk - Kind of amused by how protective he is over her, though she thinks it to be highly unnecessary.

Nicolas - One of the few people in life she's been confident and comfortable enough to call a best friend. They are cuddly, dorky, and sweet to each other, loyal to a fault, and Bonnie ends up leaning on him a lot when she's upset.

O'hannigan - They're very good friends, and as a result, Bonnie worries about him constantly. She hopes that, given recent events, he'll start working towards a more stable life--but he either needs someone to hold his hand through it or to find a trustworthy doctor.

BLU Andy Gorman - These two are okay friends, petty injuries aside. Lately they've grown apart; their past few meetings have involved long fights.

Asher - Scares the piss out of her. After he ordered BLU to fire on her, she's really not all that enthusiastic about running into him again.

Bowie - Despite once being close, she's fully determined to avoid her brother at all costs. She doesn't relish having to see or kill him on the field.

Constantine - Now back on good terms with him, considers him to be fun and kind. She just wishes he'd stop hanging around Teddy, that man's a bad influence. And is it just her or is Connie getting a little better at scaring people?

Courtney - Oh god. Let's not even go there. Bonnie cannot stand this woman; they are quick to get into aggressive verbal arguments and will probably show no mercy on the battlefield.

Felix - Always stuck by him, much as the scout seems to insist on bringing trouble on himself. Due to certain events, the pair were secretly dating. They have since broken up, mostly due to Bonnie's stress and Felix's immaturity.

La Von Parker - Pretty much dislikes her. They've sent each other to respawn a few times, basically they're the requisite RED v. BLU.

Lucius - Thinks he's really a nice guy, even if he totally destroyed her with a football during the interteam game. She spends a lot of time trying to get him not to beat the snot out of Felix.

Luigi - Was in a relationship, fell pretty much totally in love. But Luigi wouldn't reciprocate...after a nasty argument that ended with both of them cursing each other and Bonnie breaking Luigi's nose, they broke it off. She's still getting over it.

Roy - The first time they 'met' was under not great circumstances; he ended up killing her with an arrow to the head under orders from Asher. They later met again and clarified some things, finding they had quite a bit in common. They haven't spoken in ages, but she's not afraid of him anymore. Retrieved from ""Categories: Players | Bonnie | Red | Demo__________________________________________

Dr. EberhardtEdit

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Jump to: navigation, search[17][18]Father Anderson, totallyPlayer: User: Steampunk-Girl Name: "..." Eberhardt, M.D.
Meaning: a variant of Eberhard (Old German/English) and Everett (Old English), meaning "brave, strong boar".
Nicknames: (WWII) Doktor Rosenrot, Doktor Ebershark, Der Metzgermeister , Der Blutrache Engel
(post-WWII) Dr.Rosie, Mount Eberhardt (Nicolas), German bastard, Nazi, monster, big Fritz... And Dr. Everclear (Zach) (shut up Pthalo)
Gender: Male
Status: Currently in an "open" relationship (although he still thinks nobody knows)
Sexuality: Hipersexual (what)
Age: 50
Nationality: German German (Pthalo, really)
Build: Wide and muscular
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 310 lbs

Team: RED
Job Class: Medic (much to his teammates distress)

Parents: Unknown. Deceassed
Siblings: Unknown. Deceassed
Offspring: None

Theme Song: Mein Teil - Rammstein Ride of the Valkyries - Richad Wagner (Favourite musical piece)


[19][20]Open your mouth and say "AAAAAAH!"

Physical DescriptionEdit

[21][22]Mount Eberhardt, in all his Nazi glory (More info can be found at the oekaki board)It could be said that Eberhardt’s physics it’s the Arian race gone wrong, being a rougher and scarier version of it. The doctor is insanely tall (6’7”) and of a strong constitution. He has barrel-like chest and thickly muscled legs and arms, built up after years of intense sport and gymnastic practices, especially on boxing , swimming and weight lifting. He’s not in the shape he used to be when he was 30, but the doctor can still use his huge hands to crush a skull any day. He has icy-blue eyes, blond hair that’s graying on the temples, (military-style cut, only messier) and pale skin, multiple scars in all his body, more on his upper right side, where the metal shrapnel pierced him. He’s kind of hairy, especially on chest and arms area, stubble only roughing his appearance even more. Large, sharp teeth and a deep, rumbling voice (becoming hoarser because of tobacco) are also some of his most characteristic features.


[currently rewritting]

Eberhardt remembers little of his own history, especially regarding his childhood and his teens. He vaguely remembers his parents and some other relatives (brothers? sisters?). Still, he cares little about these facts. He has even forgotten his first name (although eventually found out about a year ago) and still doesn’t give a damn about it.

What he really remembers is his early interest in living beings, so he chose a medical education for his future. He remembers Munich as his hometown and how things were before and during World War II. Although his upbringing was that of a Roman Catholic, he lost faith and religious devotion as he learnt about modern philosophy outside the family environment, and started to form his own thoughts on the human mind as his medical studies advanced. It was after he discovered and joined a clandestine sex club in Stuttgart, which supported orgies and sado-masochistic practices that Eberhardt’s theories on the human race (and his own sexuality) became more complex than he had ever imagined. His newly acquired beliefs became stronger as war affected Germany and people were put to test their own minds during that period, him included: one year into the war, him and several of his colleagues had to leave the university life and substitute it with a helmet and a rifle, as all men were required to do the military service in war times. Almost two years of degree were left when Eberhardt left München for Belgium and then France, as Hitler’s troops marched over half of Europe.

Whatever that was left to learn back in dissection classes, he learnt it on the battleground, as he would usually perform his job on the front lines. He worked as an ambulance driver for the Wehrmarcht for a couple of months until he was sent to a bigger platoon destined to march over France. This period gave him an extended knowledge on several fire weapons and military strategies, and allowed Eberhardt to perform surgery in extreme situations and see every kind of wound imaginable. During his service, he won the Infantry assault badge, the silver close combat award, the gold wound badge and the Iron cross 1st class. By the end of 1941, Eberhardt held the title of Sanitäts Unterfeldwebel (sanitary sergeant) and had 10 men under his command after the death of his immediate superior.
(to be continued...)


  • He can stand pain much longer than most people. Also, he's a damn strong motherfucker.
  • Expert in melée and close-quarters combat.
  • Knows infinite ways to cause pain through beating and torture.
  • Practically fearless during combat. Expert in ambusses and battle charges.
  • Medical experience in war (has seen every kind of nasty wound on earth).
  • Highly cultured in music and literature, also really intelligent. (when not drugged)
  • Loyal to death with those he respects and admires.
  • Professionalism.


  • Enjoys pain. Too much.
  • Addicted to several painkillers and tranquilizer drugs (diacetylmorphine, heroin and opiates). Has to inject morphine on a daily basis to prevent an overcharge

in his nervous system, that would result in wounds opening again and into overwhelming skin hypersensitivity. (I love to rape real medicine, you know)

  • Batshit crazy. Can be really bipolar: Highly agressive, even with his teanmates, and plain apathetic and blank, specially after a rough beating up and morphine injection.
  • Even though he knows his own limits, he's usually so arrogant he wont see them in time.
  • So damn scary that nearly all his teammates fear him or hate him.
  • He tends to forget that his patients may not enjoy pain as much as he does.
  • His hatred for BLUs and spies may cause him lots, lots of problems.
  • Maybe he takes war a little bit too seriously, seeing he has lived almost all his life between WWs and this one. His mind is so into it that it would be imposible for him to lead a normal life once war ends.
  • Likes to sing classical pieces aloud. He's a terrible singer.


Even if Eberhardt is quite a sociopath and the existence of humans around just annoy him, he has been taught to be polite since he was a little boy. He may dislike you, but he won’t harm you, if you don’t stand on his way that is. Still a Medic, he has developed a kind of responsibility towards his teammates, promising to collaborate with those he thinks they can be strong enough to fight at the war (Donatella, Kirk and Sam Flowers being three of them) and to keep an eye on the weakest and help them on extreme cases.
[23][24]Eberhardt can bea real gentleman when he wants to, it's just he ignores what "subtle" means...Eberhardt values courage the most of all things. If you show him you have enough of it, you have his respect , sometimes even for life. That only applies to RED, but as for BLU, he’ll have practically zero tolerance for them, especially if they invade the RED base (he can be as protective

as a guardian dog with rabies about it) or if they’re already at war. There have been very few exceptions , but usually if Eberhardt sees a BLU team member in RED base, he’ll “persuade” him to run away, and if the BLU doesn’t leave the base immediately, Eberhardt will switch into “seek and destroy” mode and proceed to eliminate the intruder. Up until now it’s just part of his job, but don’t tell him about BLU spies, he loathes

them with a passion. [25][26]Damn Pyros, why so delicious?And right now, he has a personal vendetta against Liam, for trying to steal the intelligence (twice) and beating and almost killing a team member during a cease fire. He has also developed a kind of primordial urge to fight Dr. Fredric Wertham and Nigel Ashby every time they’re on scene. He completely mistrusts Giorgio, especially after he confessed having a relationship with some BLUs. Eberhardt is dead sure that Gio’s activities during ceasefire can condemn the security of the team and is suspicious about him really being a double agent that may have joined BLU, along with some reasons that are still a mystery [GO BACK TO LAST PARAGRAF OF EBERHARDT’S HISTORY FOR MORE INFORMATION]

He has complete loyalty towards his leader, Clark Ballard, though it lands more on the professional side. Although he dislikes and mistrusts his own team spies, he has sworn an inner oath to protect and help Ardette Bombaerts every time she needs it. Eberhardt hasn’t yet sorted in his mind what he feels about the RED spy. It could be called curiosity, deep respect and admiration for the woman's strong personality, he himself doesn't even know. He thinks that approaching Ardette little by little will help him clear things up in his mind. And as for “romantic” relationships, Eberhardt has developed an addiction to the pyro Nicolas, their encounters, first being love/hate struggling, now are hungry and passionate. Recently the Doktor has promissed to protect Nicolas with his life during the upcoming war, even if he’s not the only man in the pyro’s life. His feelings for Nicolas are growing stronger slowly, though. It's scary to think what the man will be capable of doing for him in the future...
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