Setting: Teufort, late summer of 1968. Outdoors and soon after inside RED base.

Summary: The following night (preceeded by Springs ), Harvey and Lloyd meet up and enact a plan to get a hold of the leg xrays in Harvey's medical files. Anything to help a friend build better legs.

Crap, he was going to be late. Lloyd was sure the scout said 11pm, and it's almost 11:30... "Hey...hey, Harvey? You still here?" He peers around the darkness cautiously.

Harvey had been waiting for maybe half an hour, assuming his guess was right. He never wore a watch. He swivells the flashlight at the source of the voice, "Eh? Who's there?"

Lloyd holds his hands up to show he isn't armed, mostly out of habit. "Hey, 's me, Lloyd. Sorry I'm late, I was in the med-bay."

Harvey relaxes a bit when the engineer comes into view, "Hohh. I was beginning to wonder if something had happened." He scratches his head, stalling. "uhm, listen. There's been a bit of an unforseen complication getting a hold of the files."

"Shit, did you get caught or somethin'?" Lloyd tries his best to mask his disappointment, but he knows it's probably obvious.

Harvey flicks the flashlight around to be sure nobody else is nearby. "Nnnnot exactly. My team leader is a medic, you see... most of the medical files are in his office, and he keeps it locked."

Lloyd hadn't met the RED team leader yet, but that still put him in a bit of a predicament, "Dammit..." If RED's Medic was anything like Asher, Lloyd wouldn't be able to take him on his own. "That is a problem..." He sighs, feeling defeated. "Well, thanks for trying. I can't ask you to piss off your boss."

Harvey unconsciously lowers his voice further, "Nono, I'm not giving up on getting those plans. I said I would do it. I just need a little help..." he pulls out a very creased piece of paper and opens it up to reveal a map of the base.

Lloyd is surprised at Harvey's determination to help him...not that he didn't appreciate it, but why on earth...? "You don't have to do this...I mean, come on, we're supposed to be enemies, I could be shooting at you tomorrow for all I know."

Harvey smooths the paper out on one of the crates and shines the light on it. "True, as could I to you. If you want to rationalize it, you'd be a lot less dangerous to me as a scout than an engineer, those sentries are distressingly accurate - ah." he points to a vaguely marked area on the map.

"Here. There's an airvent that I suspect leads into the room, but I can't reach it without making a lot of noise jumping or getting a ladder. Other RED's would probably get too curious if they saw me dragging one around."

Lloyd nods, he hadn't realized that in a way they'd be helping each other if this plan unfolds. He watches Harvey point out all the key points on the map. "Well, I've got no problem getting through vents, but I think I'd have the same problem unless I could get a boost up..."

Harvey nods, a smile creeping into his plotting. "Exactly. Now I've checked numerous times, Clark is /not/ in his office. I'll give you a boost up, and once you're in, you should be able to open the door from the inside so I can follow." This was a dangerous plan considering so many things could go wrong. Most of them involved the BLU reverting to his team loyalties. But having someone who could possibly repair his heelsprings was too good a contingency to ignore.

Lloyd takes a hold of Harvey's shoulder and turns him so they could face each other. "Look, are you really sure about this? What if we get caught?" He was actually more concerned for the Scout's safety, not his own. He knows first hand that your own team can be more brutal than the enemy if instigated.

Harvey pauses, considering the likelihood of another RED opening fire on the engineer without question. "If we get caught, we get the hell out of there. I'll take as much crap as I need to for my actions. How fast can you move on those?"

Lloyd bites his lip. He was starting to wonder if this was such a good idea. "I can still run pretty fast, just not for too long..." He sighs. "Look, man, I just don't know...ugh, this is so stupid..." scolding himself more than anything. Why was he being so concerned with what happened to an enemy?

Harvey wondered if what he was about to say would sound as silly out loud as it did in his head. "Hmm, could I try picking you up? Erh, I just want to test if carrying you would be a viable option if fleeing is needed."

Lloyd "Eh?" It took a half second for it to register what he'd said. "Oh..yeah, I guess it's be good to find that out now, and not while we're in the thick of things."

Harvey gives an awkward little laugh. It sounded exactly as silly as he'd anticipated. "Eheh, my thoughts exactly. How... hmm. Hang onto my shoulders I guess." he puts the map back into his pocket and kneels a bit so Lloyd can climb onto his back. This is insane.

Lloyd echoes Harvey's laugh with a nervous one of his own. "Okay...I mean, let's try it." He was glad he usually wore boots. It was mostly for the added grip when he ran, but in this case it'd be a bit of cushion for poor Harvey, sparing him the sensation of a hard, man-made foot digging into his back.

Harvey manages to lift the engineer up and stand without too much trouble, or at least without complaining. He'd forgotten he wouldn't have his hands free while testing this, "Think you could reach the flashlight? I need to check how compressed my springs are." He steps closer to the crate he left the light on. "Whoa! Okay no I don't think I can have you on my shoulders, the centre of balance is too high."

Lloyd cautiously slides off the Scout, which was good because another moment up there and he was sure he was going to lose his balance. "That's much harder than it looks. It's not that high up is it?"

Harvey catches him so he's riding piggyback instead. "This... is more manageable. Okay!" He rocks on his heels a little, and takes a few steps around to test things.

Lloyd thinks to himself, you know this is the second most awkward position I've been in today...huh..."You think I can still reach it like this?"

Harvey blinked, "The vent, right! I was just thinking if we needed to get you out of the base in a hurry. I'll try to balance better so you can stand on my shoulders again when we're trying to break into Dr. Ballard's office."

Lloyd feels a bit relieved. "Well, if you can manage this...then I guess we wouldn't have to can put me down now..."

Harvey had completely forgotten about the vent, preoccupied with testing just how fast he could run carrying a person. These springs are certainly designed to carry a much heavier load than him. Strange. He clues back into reality and sets Lloyd down carefully.

"If you still really want to do this, I'm in. I just hope you're ready in dealing with the consequences if we screw up." Lloyd straightens himself out a bit and decides it's time to sneak in a quick smoke.

Harvey picks up the flashlight and looks as discreetly as he can to re-find which way leads to RED base. Hard to tell the bases apart this late. The last thing he needs to do is get lost in BLU again...

Lloyd gestures westward, sensing the Scout's confusion. "That's your side there. Your side smells more strongly of hay, ours is more like dirt..." Why did the bases look so similar? Huh...where they always like that?

Harvey looks back at Lloyd. "Oh, thanks. Hay; I'll remember that." Something other than visual cues, why didn't he think of that? "Concerning consequences, I once wound up in the medbay after accidentally ingesting incredibly strong LSD. I don't think I could get into many places worse than that." He laughs a little, but trails off as he remembers what an embarrassing mess that was. His face reddens, but nobody can see in the dark thankfully. "Erm, you ready?"

Lloyd fidgeted with the cigarette. "If you're sure of this."

Harvey nods and begins heading for RED. He slows his pace after a few steps once he remembers that would just be unfair.

Lloyd follows behind as best he can. He couldn't help but be amazed with Harvey's speed. His pulse quickened with the idea that he could be doing that again, running with the wind, and dodging bullets...

Harvey tugs out his map again and readies it as the two near one of the less-used entrances to the base, a large barn door. He peers inside a moment before vanishing indoors.

Lloyd wonders if he's being set up...but surely the scout wouldn't go through this much trouble for something as trivial as a single engineer. Still, he's already taking a chance getting this far, no sense in stopping. He takes a deep breath and follows him into the barn.

Harvey is already at the other end of the room scouting out if the hallway beyond is clear. This one seems to have been partially repurposed into living quarters.

Lloyd hisses to Harvey. "Anyone around?" God, his hands were sweating now...

Harvey whispers "All's clear. We go left, then down the stairs there..." he continues speaking the directions, more for his own benefit. He's rather not show just how reliant on that map he is for directions within his /own base/.

Lloyd gives his palms a quick wipe on his pants and looks down the hall. "Alright...'m ready."

Harvey wordlessly leads the way, praying his memory will not fail him entirely. He tugs Lloyd behind a support column as someone from RED steps past at the end of the corridor. Peering around once the footsteps fade up another set of stairs, He gestures to Lloyd. "Okay."

Lloyd is trying his best to stay calm, he knew damn well what he was up against, but his nerves were starting to get to him. " sure?"

Harvey is forced to look at his map again, having completely forgotten the next couple directions in that moment of panic. "Yes, we just have to be cautious."

Sophia's head snaps up at the familiar knock on her door. She was re-reading the pieces of slightly blood-stained paper for the upteenth time, while glancing at the hatbox on her writing desk. But now her respite had ended, and she was forced to return to the situation at hand. "My turn for the watch?" she muses to herself. "Well, better get ready to go."

"No kidding..." Lloyd doesn't dare move from behind the support column though. Not until he got the word from Harvey anyways.

Harvey steps over to the other staircase incredibly fast for someone sneaking, and listens intently. He returns just as swiftly. "They're long gone. We don't have too much further to go now." He is surprisingly calm in the midst of such a ridiculous endeavor. He muses this must be the stupidest thing he's done to gain an advantage out here.

Sophia stands up, putting the letter onto the desk. She spares a sidelong glance at that box again, before turning and striding toward the door. She eases her coat onto her shoulders, and lifts her rifle to slide the strap onto her shoulder. Stepping out of her room, a little shadow drops onto her right shoulder and lets out a little squeak.

Lloyd nods and forces himself to his feet. "This is some pretty intense shit, eh?" Again with the phony, tough attitude. "Let's get out of here before someone else comes by."

Sophia murmurs to herself, "Let's check on the intel first. Maybe we'll catch ourselves a Spy again, eh?"

Tanya keeps a good eye around the area. For some ungodly reason, her work on a new explosive was not going so well and she just needed a few minutes in the cold night air to collect herself.

Harvey barely suppresses a chuckle at the phrase 'intense shit'. "I'd have to agree with you there. I hope that vent doesn't make too much noise..." He begins counting down from six, passing a door each time. "" a small plaque on the wall reads Clark Ballard, Head Office. He peers inside the room through the frosted reinforced glass of the door, but the lights are off. "Unoccupied, as expected. Excellent..." he turns his attention to the ceiling, the vent some ten feet down the hall.

"I guess we'll find out, eh?" Lloyd follows Harvey to the where the vent is located. "Okay, give me a boost."

Sophia stops for a moment, thinking. Walking to the basement the conventional way seemed a little too time-consuming. Sophia looks about, spotting a vent about 5 feet from her. She looks about, hoping no one will turn the corner and see her climbing into an airvent in the middle of the night.

Harvey kneels, bringing his hands together to form a step for Lloyd to use. He hoists him up and steadies himself while the engineer climbs up to stand on his shoulders. "I think the grate just unhinges on one side."

"Good, then I won't need to use my screwdriver." Lloyd easily unlatches the grate and pulls himself up. He uses his arms to pull himself along slowly, terrified of making any sort of sound...he's finding the vent pretty cramped, even for someone his size.

Sophia pauses, quickly kneeling beside the grate. 'Strange...' she thinks. 'What's that clunking sound...?'

Tanya looks up, hearing the subtle disturbance that Lloyd made with the vents that sent a soft clatter across the base. The noise was swiftly followed by another that was slightly louder. "Damned animals..." The woman cursed in some odd language.

Harvey calls up to Lloyd, a hoarse half-whisper, "You good up there?"

Lloyd was glad he remembered the general direction of Clark's office, as there were a couple of forks dividing his path. Pleased, he found himself looking down into his office. "Almost there..." Lloyd notices another grate blocking his path. Of course the latch was on the outside. No matter...he lodged his screw driver into a little gap and pried it loose. Maybe with a little too much force as the grate fell right off its hinges and landed on the carpeted floor. "Shit..."

Sophia suddenly frowns, hearing a small voice floating up though the airducts. Someone... is crawling.... through the airducts... She then hears a clang, followed by someone's voice.

Lloyd quickly slips from the vent and unlocks the door for Harvey. "I think we should hurry..."

"Oh, no... not on my watch, again." Sophia mutters, launching herself into a sprint toward the basement.

Harvey bolts for the door the second he hears the latch unlock. "You made it through!" He shuts the door behind him and fumbles for the lightswitch. The room becomes visible under the hum of the overhead lighting. "Hurry, yes. Good thinking," he doesn't appear to notice the worried urgency in Lloyd's voice as he starts opening filing cabinets.

Tanya definitely hears the thud of something hitting the ground. "Wha... What was that?" She says in her native Russian, turning her direction at the first instant out of habit. There was no time to grab any of her weapons, so she nervously walks her way towards the sound.

"Where are they supposed to be?" Lloyd hissed, sure his voice cracked multiple times for such a short sentence.

Sophia sprints down the corridor and out into the courtyard. She stops, taking in her surrounds to finally spot a Demolady wandering about. "Hey, Comrade." Sophia speaks out into the open air. "I thought the rest of us would've gone to bed by now."

Tanya turns again at the sound of a voice. Seeing the Sniper, she gives a polite nod of 'Hello' to her. "I.. was work. Got angry and left... And noise came. You hear it, too?" She tries to say in her best attempt at English.

Harvey swears under his breath. He has the details jumbled up again. "Damnit, wrong cabinet. These are financial records..." In a flash he's at the other cabinet on the wall opposite. "Ahaa, here we are. J, K... L, M, N... O, /here/ we go." He pulls out a long folder with his last name visible on the edge.

Sophia nods once. "I think we may have a rat or two in the basement. Care to join me in finding them?" the Sniper asks, walking toward the stairs leading to the basement.

Lloyd is getting more and more antsy for every second that ticks by. He lets out an audible sigh when Harvey pulls out the file. "Harvey, you're a fuckin' saint." He takes a moment to flip through the files to make sure everything he came for was there. "Perfect. Now lets get out of here before I have a fuckin' heart attack." He really shouldn't swear so much...

Tanya gives another nod to the woman, this time in agreement as she anxiously follows her.

Sophia lifts her SMG out of its holster and offers it to Tanya. "Here. You don't look like you're armed." she speaks, walking down the stairs.

Tanya desperately searches the pockets of her night dress for a weapon. Coming up short, she looks a little worried until Sophia offers her SMG. Smiling, she takes the weapon. "Thank you." She says, relieved.

Harvey smiles in response to the... 'thanks', and plucks the medical folder from Lloyd. He hands him just the X-ray results free from the rest of his records. No sense in handing over irrelevant data now. "We need to shut these vents up so it doesn't look like anything happened." He's starting to feel that panic creeping up on him. This is his /boss's/ office. Good Lord.

Sophia lifts her rifle over her head, pulling back the bolt to load a slightly glowing green projectile into the barrel. "Hopefully, this is just a false alarm. Can't be too careful, now that the ceasefire's over." She eases the bolt back into place.

Lloyd looks a little sheepish. "Uh, that's gonna be easier said than done..." He gingerly picks up the grate he pried right off its hinges. "You think they'll notice?"

Sophia leads Tanya down the halls. A small sliver of light catches the Sniper's attention, and she steps back to clap a hand on Tanya's shoulder. She points... a door is ajar.

Harvey inspects the ceiling grate as he scratches his chin. "Oh balls. He might. Here, maybe if you can get the latch to hook on it it'll stay in place long enough to make it look unrelated when it falls loose again..."

Tanya tries to aim the SMG properly. Not being one to shoot a gun with bullets, she is a little uncomfortable with this particular gun. "I hope so..." She says, again struggling with her words. Having Sophia place a hand on her shoulder makes her jump, but now she is much more alert of the intrusion.

Lloyd quickly, but quietly grabs the chair from behind Clark's desk and pulls it under the vent. He has to really strain to hook the grate into place, but manages to get it into a position that made it look...reasonably untampered with. "That's going to have to do. It'll at least keep it up there so long as no one touches it..."

Sophia taps Tanya on the shoulder once, and motions for her to stand on one side of the entrance to the hallway, Sophia quickly taking the other side. To reiterate the point, Sophia presses an index finger to her lips.

Harvey freezes, eyes darting to the barely-open door. He could have sworn he'd shut it completely. No noise from out in the hall thankfully. "That should work, okay let's get that vent outside shut up properly and nobody will have reason to think we were here."

Tanya nods again, now focused completely in her role in this. She quietly takes the position she is told, quickly glancing between the door and Sophia before she finally putting her sights fully on the door, clenching the SMG sternly.

Harvey listens intently by the door, but hears nothing.

Lloyd whispers to him, "The coast is clear?"

Sophia puts her back to the wall, making sure that she couldn't be seen.

"All's quiet. I'll go first again." Harvey opens the door to take a good look down either end of the hall. The scout quietly steps out, not wanting to make any noise just waltzing out of Clark's office. He checks the hallway and sees nobody. He pokes his head back in the door, "I think we're in the clear!"

Tanya almost jumps out of her skin when she sees the door open. She never shows her fear, however, and tightens her grip on the SMG.

Lloyd nods and comes up behind the scout. Right about now he wishes he was able to build teleporters that actually worked. It would have made leaving so much easier...

Harvey flicks the light off and locks the door. Perfect. With a little help from the engineer he gets the other vent shut again. "That should be everything. I can't believe we've made it this far." He studies the map again and starts walking.

Lloyd laughs nervously. "Y..yeah...that wasn't so bad..."

Sophia presses her back against the wall, lifting her rifle at the sound of footsteps.

Tanya almost has a heart attack the second the intruders step out of the room. bringing the SMG close to her, she eyes Sophia attentively for the chance to flank them together.

Harvey rounds the next corner confidently, map clutched in one hand. The lights are dimmer than he remembered.

Sophia watches the two pass by, quickly stepping behind them and lifting her rifle. "Freeze." She speaks, her voice eerily calm.

Harvey flinches hard and stops in his tracks. "...auuuuugh."

Lloyd spoke too soon again it seems. How did he not hear them? He was too afraid to even speak at this point, but did at least have enough sense to not move.

Tanya reacts as soon as she sees the Sniper move. Jumping at the chance, she quickly aims the SMG at the BLU scout.

Harvey was not expecting a planned ambush, nor weapons. It's probably getting close to one in the morning for God's sake! "Please, don't shoot the BLU, I can explain." And here he though he had the contingencies worked out...

"Hands up, the pair of you." Sophia intones, pressing the barrel of her rifle against the taller man's head. "And do turn around. I would like to see the man whose brains I'll be scraping from the walls in the morning."

Lloyd stammered, "'s not what you think..." god, why couldn't he stop shaking? Pathetic. He holds his hands up obediently, hoping they'd at least notice he wasn't armed.

Harvey seriously considers running, but carrying Lloyd in this setup would just turn him into a sick bullet shield. Nevermind the cold metal jabbing into his head. He turns around slowly and stares his captor in the eye. He goes from determined to dumbfounded. "...Sophia?"

Tanya wavers her aim for just a second, but she soon recovers and her aim is back on the BLU. "Unarmed." Is all she can say because of the adrenaline.

Sophia's jaw almost drops. But that look is quickly replaced by a look of cold fury. "O'hannigan?" she asks. She makes a 'tch' sound, Dot sitting up. "Dot. Plan I."

Lloyd watches Harvey out of the corner of his eye, not that it was easy to see in the dim light. He was simply too scared to move...maybe it was too soon to return to the battlefield after all.

Dot squeaks, a sound that seems to acknowledge the command. At once, the possum streaks from Sophia's shoulder, along her outstretched arm, along the rifle's barrel and comes to a stop just short of O'hannigan's face. He rears up on his hind legs, and sniffs.

Harvey goes slightly crosseyed as he attempts to focus on Dot, not moving. "What in the..."

Dot then leaps off the barrel to skip up O'hannigan's face, onto his head and leap across to Lloyd's. Once there the possum squeaks once in a matter-of-fact way before jumping into the air and landing on Sophia's rifle again.

Lloyd wonders what the heck that just was....some sort of rodent. What was going on?

Sophia looks at O'hannigan. "That folder you have in your hand. Hand it over." she speaks, holding out her other hand.

Tanya stares at the animal as it hops across the two, apparently doing... Something. She then focuses her attention back on the person in front of her.

Harvey manages to remain altogether unperturbed by having a curious little animal scamper up his face. He turns his head to look if Lloyd's still in one piece, "I'm serious, please don't shoot him. This isn't his fault."

"So it's yours then, is it?" Sophia questioned.

Harvey returns his attention to Sophia. Balls! He'd forgotten to return the rest of his medical data to the office! Hopefully they wouldn't notice the x-ray sheets Lloyd had. "Erm, ...yes. Yes it is."

Lloyd's eyes dart about, finding no escape. Oh god, why was this red sticking his neck out for him....? Not that there was much he could say, it's amazing how tongue-tied one finds himself when there's guns pointed at you.

Harvey hands the folder over reluctantly, if only out of disappointment at this plan failing spectacularly.

Sophia still stares at O'hannigan as she takes the folder, her face incredibly calm. "Honestly, I didn't think a Scout could be this stupid." she speaks, lowering the rifle. "But I suppose it's time for us to escort THIS one back to BLU." she speaks, looking at Lloyd. She looks at Tanya out of the corner of her eye. "Comrade. You can lower your weapon."

Harvey is trying furiously to find words to explain the situation in a manner that doesn't make things worse.

"S'...s' not his fault'am." Lloyd stuttered. Fuck, pathetic.

Harvey turns to Lloyd, mouthing 'what?'

Tanya lowers the SMG just enough to not seem intimidating, even though she keeps her grip on the weapon just in case the BLU decides to turn on either of them. She still has the same stern look she had maintained before the ambush.

Sophia watches the pair of them with a blank face. "I am not in the mood to hear pathetic excuses from the pair of you. You." she speaks, looking at Lloyd and raising her rifle. "About-turn."

Harvey can't outright lie, but he starts an attempt to bend the truth a little. "I-..." he was /going/ to lie at any rate, but the sniper is not going to listen to anything explanations. He's secretly a little relieved. "-Oh. Alright I won't explain then. But I'm joining this escort."

Lloyd didn't dare nod, "Yes,'am..." doing as he was told. He hoped Harvey wouldn't get into too much trouble over this.

Sophia harshly prods Lloyd in the back. "March." she growls, pressing him forward.

Lloyd lurches forward from the feeling of the rifle jamming into his spine, deciding it would definitely be a good idea not to anger this one...he still tried to keep an eye on Harvey, as best he could.

Tanya watches as Sophia guides the BLU away from the area. She quickly decides to follow the group in case of a late night attack, even if she guesses the chance of that happening are very, very slim.

Harvey falls into step alongside the others, stubborn on making sure they do just escort the engineer out of base.

Sophia follows Lloyd, rifle pressing against his back as they travel up from the basement, through the front of the base and out onto the bridge.

Lloyd looks back at her nervously. He seems genuinely surprised that he got the escort. Maybe things have changed...still, he worried for Harvey's well-being. "Look...I'm not making excuses, it's really not the Scout's fault..."

"I don't want to hear it, Engineer." Sophia replies sharply, pushing him forward until they reached the mid-point of the bridge. "Now, I want you two to listen."

Harvey waves his hands decisively at Lloyd, silently gesturing 'it's fine'. The way he sees it, only Lloyd runs risk of getting shot at. Why increase that risk?

"I don't want to hear your pathetic excuses. I am in no mood to listen to the whimperings of a pair of idiots." Sophia speaks, her rifle not moving. "And I certainly do NOT want the pair of you to collaborate like this again. Do you hear me?"

Lloyd nods slightly, not wanting to make any sudden movements. "Y..yes Ma'am..."

Harvey looks to have a thousand words stuck under his stern expression, but he says nothing to Sophia as he makes eye contact with her.

Sophia continues "Mark me, Engineer. If I see you in RED base again... Beleive me, I will hunt you. And we Snipers never give up on a target." she lowers her rifle quite suddenly, staring at Lloyd. "Now sod off."

Harvey positions himself so that he can intervene should she decide to take aim with her weapon after all.

Lloyd doesn't need to be told twice. He scampers back to the BLU base as fast as his legs can carry him. Once he's safely out of view from the REDs, he pulls the x-rays from the waist of his trousers, surprised that he made it out alive with them. "I owe you, Harvey..."

Sophia watches the Engineer scamper back to base, turning on her heel and striding back toward RED. "Comrade." she speaks, her voice losing the steely edge she had used a moment ago.

Harvey simply nods to Sophia, expecting her to drag him back and report to Clark or something fully deserved at this stage. But her tone of voice with Tanya gives him a little hope she might listen.

Tanya almost feels proud of her involvement in this ambush, almost sneaking in a tiny smug grin as the BLU ran off as fast as he could. The grin fades to a look of confusion as she sees the RED scout get in the pathway of any shots, misfired or otherwise. Her attention is called back to Sophia as she called her. She gives the girl a nod and a small smile as she offers the gun back to its original owner. "Thank you."

Sophia palms the gun from Tanya, sliding it into the holster at her side. "No, thank /you/ for the backup, Comrade. But we have a big day tomorrow. You should go and get some sleep, hm?"

Harvey remains quiet, not visibly nervous save for consistently itching at his 'headset'.

Tanya shakes her hands as soon as she is detached from the SMG, she had been holding it pretty tight and it caused the tips of her fingers to go numb. "Ah, yes. Good night, miss." She says, turning back to RED base. The thought of her unfinished explosive didn't even cross her mind. She just wanted to finally get some sleep.

Sophia closes her eye, raising her hand in a sort of wave as the Demolady headed back to base. She lowers her hand for a second, looking at O'hannigan before walking back to base.

Harvey stands on the bridge, staring at nothing as he sorts his thoughts out. He promptly follows after the lady sniper. "Sophia," he quickly closes the distance between them. "Sophia. I understand you consider me to be a 'whimpering idiot' who's explanations are an utter waste of time, but I still feel I own you one."

Sophia stops, her shoulders square. She just stands there, not turning about. "I told you, I don't want to hear it. Anything you say will not help you." She then continues onward.

Harvey sighs. "I'm not looking to help my standing with you, I just... If these springs break, I have no job here. No job here, nowhere else to go. I -"

Sophia turns abruptly. "And bringing a BLU Engineer into RED base in the middle of the night, right in the middle of a WAR is going to help you? Be thankful that I haven't dragged you in front of Ballard for a dishonourable discharge, Scout." Sophia growls. "Honestly! What were you THINKING?"

Harvey flings his hands in the air. "That was entirely unintelligent, yes! Completely irresponsible conduct, I'm not even going to /try/ and lie about that. You're right. But he's the only person here I know of who has experience in repairing, maintaining, /and designing/ prosthetics. I realize I quite literally have no existence outside this scout job, this base - I can't afford to lose that. I let my fears get in the way and took it too far."

Sophia glares at O'hannigan, before making a 'tch' sound again, shaking her head and looking up at O'hannigan again. "Such is the way of things." she mutters. "What you did was incredibly irresponsible, but I suppose I'm not speaking to a child here, even if he has the intellect of one." At once, she turns and starts walking. "Get to bed, O'hannigan."

Harvey silently disagrees with her statement concerning intellect. " will be reporting this to Dr. Ballard come morning, I assume?" It's less a question than a statement.

"Luckily for you, I won't. But," the sniper replies, turning once more. "If this happens again, I may not be the one who finds you. And that person may not be so lenient." she strides up to O'hannigan again, dropping her voice. "And believe me, if /I/ find you bringing BLUs into base again, I /will/ report it. Am I clear?"

Harvey couldn't maintain the calm-and-collected appearance any further, too many thoughts of getting banished from the base were catching up to him. "Y-yes Sophia."

Sophia rests her rifle on her shoulder, looking O'hannigan directly in the eye. "Good. Now get out of my sight. You've done enough for one night."