Tessa grab yo' gun!

Player: maelgwyn
Name: Tessa Chase
Status: Active
Nicknames: Tess
Meaning: Tessa = Harvester
Sex: Female
Sexuality: ???
Age: 29
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 168lbs
Nationality: American
Hometown: Malone, New York
Previous Occupation: Hunter / Trapper

Team: BLU
Job Class: Soldier

Parents: ---
Siblings: ---
Theme Song: ---


We'll see.

Physical DescriptionEdit

And Tall. She's a big girl.


Standard Soldier uniform which has been tailored to better fit her non-male figure.


Has wandered from the Ozarks to the Appalachian Trail hunting, trapping and trading to make a simple, but comfortable, living.
She loves the quiet of the trail, but enjoys going into town to mix with the locals and see some action. The cross-dressing came about as a means of self-defense, but once she recognized the added freedom of being male, the habit continued.
As she has spent a lot of time alone, she does a lot of thinking, and is very insightful. She also enjoys singing to pass the time, alone or with a large group of drunks. Has no training whatsoever, so her sound is very naïve, but enthusiastic.
Promising her father she wouldn't join the US military, she joined BLU as a creative way to keep that promise, get her fighting fix, and make more money than a black woman ever could.
She was taught to hunt, fish and trap at a young age, and has spent the last 8 years on and off roughin' it in what remains of the North American wilderness.
Tessa has a hunter's mentality - quiet and meticulous in her approach, has a keen eye and is a very good sight-shooter. But she's not contrary to hand-to-hand combat when it comes to it.
Generally reclusive and contemplative, but loves a good fight.

30 Days of Character Development tag on my tumblr


Wilderness Survival Skills
Convincing cross-dressing (lately she's been choosing not to.)


... kryptonite?

10 FactsEdit

Coming Soon!



  • Andy: Thinks he's a cool kid. He taught (or at least tried to teach) her how to juggle.
  • Lloyd: Will (lovingly) kick his ass into gear someday. Or just get him to leave his workshop to socialize once in a while.
  • David: Has only really seen him when he was feeling pukey. She's undecided.
  • Lucius: Only talked to him once, again she doesn't really know anything about him, but he seems ok.