• Player: Renrun
  • Name: Troy Fallon
  • Meaning: Gaelic for 'foot soldier', apparently
  • Nicknames: retarded puppy, that stupid demo
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 33 (30 upon arrival)
  • Nationality: white-bread American
  • Build: lanky, skinny
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 160-ish lbs

  • Team: RED
  • Job Class: demoman
  • Current Load-Out: Standard issue grenade launcher and sticky launcher (no melee)

  • Parents: Dr. George Fallon and Jane Fallon
  • Siblings: Mira Fallon, Dr. Cain Fallon
  • Offspring: none


[I will write this when I am more awake]


Troy had a typical middle-class-suburban-American unbringing complete with lazy summers, baseball games and embarrassing family road trips. He was the second son of an eccentric college professor-dad and a bubbly stay-at-home-mom who were always affectionate and doting. Nothing overly tramatic ever happened to Troy - he played catch in the backyard and learned to ride a bike and mowed lawns for extra allowance and went to prom and finished high school and got a job. And then lost that one, and got another. And another. Aaand another. Troy's older brother and younger sister both went on to college to study medicine, but it was obvious that he wasn't about to follow them.

Somehow Troy found out about an opening with some kind of demolitions company - the work seemed exciting, the pay was good, and he'd get a change to travel, maybe meet some new friends. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

  • Strengths
- Friendly, positive, and enthusiastic about almost everything
- Can run pretty fast
- Doesn't get any serious symptoms of respawn sickness
- Good with kids (???)
  • Weaknesses
- Dumb as a brick
- Is terrified of everything
- Gullible and over-excitible
- Forgetful, easily distracted, and the attention span of a gnat
- No military training, mishandles explosives, no knowledge of battle tactics
- Clumsy to the point of incompetence
- Will hide under tables
- Is bad at dancing


  • RED
  • BLU

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